LLM in National Security & U.S. Foreign Relations Law

Director: L. Schenck

Students who choose not to write a thesis must complete National Security Law (6870), U.S. Foreign Relations Law (6871), and a minimum of 14 credits from the courses listed below,* including at least 2 credits graded on the basis of a research paper. The research paper must be at least 8,000 words in length, and U.S. law school graduates must achieve a minimum grade of B+. Students who choose to write a thesis must complete National Security Law (6870), U.S. Foreign Relations Law (6871), Thesis (6690-91), and a minimum of 10 credits from the courses listed below; they are not required to complete a research paper in addition to the thesis.

All candidates for the LLM degree must complete a total of 24 credit hours, including course work that satisfies the written work requirement. Those working towards a specialized degree must complete the minimum required number of hours in courses listed below for that program. Related courses are recommended for the remaining course work.


  • Litigation with the Federal Government (6240)
  • Reading Group (Crisis & Legal Controversy in the CIA) (6351)
  • Reading Group (Disinformation and National Security: Legal Approaches) (6351)
  • Immigration Criminal Enforcement (6367)
  • Computer Crime (6369)
  • Law of Separation of Powers (6384)
  • Legislation (6416)
  • Congressional Investigations Seminar (6420)
  • Veterans Law (6423)
  • Veterans Advocacy (6428)
  • Information Privacy Law (6486)
  • International Law (6520)
  • International Money Laundering, Corruption, and Terrorism (6521)
  • Immigration Law I (6538)
  • Refugee and Asylum Law (6540)
  • International Law of Human Rights (6546)
  • Space Law (6548)
  • Law of the Sea (6550)
  • Law of War (6552)
  • U.S. Export Control Law and Regulation (6553)
  • International Criminal Law (6554)
  • Nation Building and the Rule of Law (6559)
  • Selected Topics in Public International Law (6561)**
  • Public International Law Seminar (6562)**
  • Field Placement (6668)
  • Selected Topics in National Security Law (6869)**
  • National Security Law Seminar (6872)**
  • Military Justice (6873)
  • Comparative Military Law (6874)
  • Counterterrorism Law (6875)
  • Homeland Security Law and Policy (6876)
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation Law and Policy (6877)
  • Intelligence Law (6878)
  • Cybersecurity Law and Policy (6879)
  • Disaster Law (6880)
  • Artificial Intelligence Law and Policy (6881)
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (6882)
  • Counterintelligence Law & Policy (6883)
  • Technology Foundations for Cybersecurity (6884)
  • Transnational Security (6885)
  • Domestic Terrorism (6886)

*Constitutional Law I (6214) and Constitutional Law II (6380) also will be available; only students with a non-U.S. law degree who plan to take the New York bar examination may count these courses toward the 14 credits required in the field.

**For 2021–2022, Public International Law Seminars may include Arms Control; National Security Law Seminars may include Internal Investigations, Modern Politics, and the Office of Inspector General; and Selected Topics in National Security Law may include Guantanamo Bay Detention: Ethics, Law & Policy, Foreign Access to U.S. Technology, Law of Secrecy, and Problems Trying Terrorists.