Animal Law Courses

Animal Law (6424)

This 2-credit class is a survey of the treatment of animals in state, federal, and international law.

Public Law Seminar: Animal Rights and the Law (6426) 

This 2-credit seminar explores the theoretical, legal, and practical implications of granting animals “rights.”

Wildlife and Ecosystems Law (6431) 

This 2-3 credit course presents an in-depth study of the complex body of laws that protect or regulate wildlife, including laws that protect ecosystems and the habitats in which wild animals live.

Natural Resources Law (6440) 

This 2-3 credit course discusses legal issues related to the multiple resource uses of federal public lands, including forestry, mining, water, recreation, wildlife, endangered species, and wilderness.

International Environmental Law (6454) 

This 2-3 credit course focuses on the treaty negotiation process, the role of international institutions in developing and implementing environmental agreement and  the relationship between environmental and  international law in the context of a variety of issues including climate change,export of hazardous waste, and deforestation and biodiversity.

Independent Legal Writing (6656) 

Students may explore animal law-related topics through supervised research and writing for 1-2 credits.