Website Project Requests

The Communications Office creates, maintains, and updates the information found on the GW Law website and following microsites: Orientation, InatGW Admitted Students, LLM InatGW Admitted Students, Commencement, Career Services, and GetInfo (This does not include the Portal, which is designed for internal clients). For any updates to current webpages or starting the process on a new project please submit the Website Request Form below.

Website Project Request Form

Faculty/Staff Profile Page Request

If updates are needed for a current faculty/staff profile page on our website or if a NEW faculty profile page needs to be created, please submit the following Faculty/Staff Profile Page Request form below. 

Faculty/Staff Profile Page Request Form

Below you will find a breakdown of our timeline for requests and examples of projects. Have questions about your project? Fill out the request form you need and then email Alexis Feagans, GW Law Web Lead, at [email protected] with your questions and/or set up a meeting to talk about your request! 

Timelines & Project Examples

Based on project urgency and bandwidth timelines may vary depending on the request. We will do our best to meet your needs, if you have any questions or concerns please email [email protected]

1-10 Business Days

  • Updates needed to faculty/staff profile pages. This encompasses updates to faculty profile pages including but not limited to:
    • Headshots
    • CV Updates
    • Titles
    • Contact Info
    • Social Media Handles
  • Existing page text edits (1-2 webpages)
    • Small edits can be made by Content Contributors on their own
  • Replacing photos on an existing page(s)

2-4 Weeks

  • Multiple edits on existing webpages (3+)
    • Edits may consist of multiple text edits, adding images, or adjusting content within templates
  • Single day conference page
  • Single webpage creation, containing 1-2 subpages

1-3 Months

  • Program Redesign
  • New Program
  • Multi-day Conference/Event
  • Microsite creation
    • Blog Microsite Request - Please fill out the following form to submit a request to the University Web Team
  • Additional large scale projects may be determined by GW Law Web Lead and Communications team

Website Project FAQs

What size should my Faculty Profile Page headshot be? 

All Faculty Profile Page headshots should be vertical images. An ideal size is 720x1080 pixels, 300 DPI (High Resolution).

If your photo does not meet this requirement, please still attach your desired photo. If we are unable to crop your photo or it is too small to use we will reach out for assistance.

What do I need to have to create a new webpage?

To get your new project started, the following information will need to be submitted in the Website Project Request Form.

  • Point of Contact for project
  • Webpage title
  • Website location (Where will the page live? Under a program or department?)
  • Finalized and approved content needed for project/updates
  • Imagery (if applicable)
What do I do if a URL on a website isn't working?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Please email Alexis Feagans at [email protected]. Paste the exact URL in the email and tell us where you found the broken link so we can track down how to fix it. We may need to reach out to another department.

Website Terminology

Website = A set of related webpages located under a single domain name, produced by a single organization 

Webpage = A singular page on a website
  • Example: Academics is a webpage on the GW Law Website
Landing Page =  A landing page is the main webpage that houses multiple links to other webpages. 
  • Example: Areas of Study is a landing page for all program area webpages
  • Example: Health Law landing page houses links to all Health Law related webpages
Portal = This term is not used when working on our Drupal websites. The Portal is what students/faculty/staff log in to separately from the website. Not controlled by Comms Event Webpage = Event webpages are separate from general webpages on our websites. Event webpages are created and automatically filter into our event calendar on the website and can be tagged to show up on specific program landing pages (if feeds are created). These event pages filter through Upcoming Events and Past Event feeds for all GW Law events.  Microsite = A microsite is a website that is not part of our main GW Law website. This could be a GW Blogs site or Drupal site.  GW Blogs Site = a self-service website and blog publishing platform powered by WordPress. This service is available at no cost to current faculty, staff and students for academic, official and personal use. Blog sites are updated by programs, staff, students, etc. Comms helps set up blog sites, then it is up to requesters to keep updates.
  • Faculty or lab website
  • Event/conference website
  • Department or faculty blog