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Your support will help ensure that the National Family Violence Law Center advances the critical work being done at GW to improve the nation’s response to family violence.

​Grants and individual donations are tax-deductible, made through the university, and assigned to the Center’s budget center.

​Two ways to donate:

Send a check to the GW Law Office of Development, George Washington University, PO Box 98131, Washington, DC 20077-9756. Please write “for National Family Violence Law Center/J. Meier” on the memo line.

Click the online giving button below and complete the form. Please write in the comments section: “This donation is solely for the National Family Violence Law Center run by Professor Joan Meier.”



enables us to establish a matching grant to fund the first $30,000 necessary to launch the State Law Clearinghouse, in order to provide legislative support described below to multiple states


enables us to select one NFVLC Fellow, a GW Law student who works for one year with the Center on legislative and research projects while assisting in supervising student interns for the Center.  Additional funds in multiples of $5000 will allow us to hire multiple Fellows


enables us to develop legislative templates and language for advocates and lawmakers in one state to amend the custody statute, including collaboration with state advocates and other stakeholders, and ongoing consultations



enables us to provide online technical assistance to legislators and advocates seeking to amend their state laws to better protect children in custody cases


enables us to assist one requestor who needs a consultation regarding attorney or expert referrals or seeks our assistance for her attorneys


enables us to begin a fund for requestors who need consultation assistance for themselves and/or their attorneys.

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If you would like to partner with us in another way, please contact the Director at [email protected]. You can give using the button above, or if you prefer, by mailing a check made out to George Washington University Law School, with National Family Violence Law Center at GW in the memo line, to: 

George Washington University
PO Box 98131
Washington, DC 20077-9756

Testimonials and Appreciation for the Center

“I was appalled at what I saw in court, from both legal and scientific perspectives. My experience resonated exactly with what Prof. Joan Meier has described. I also want to thank Prof. Joan Meier very much for her work on the subject."

A Protective Stepfather

“I have just read [your article] and felt compelled to write to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. This document has given me hope and faith and has motivated me to carry on with the tedious custody battle where I am being accused of parental alienation as ‘an abusive parenting style.’ . . . I wish I could have this work printed and sent to judges all across Britain, Europe, the world…”

A European Mother

"Joan Meier is one of my heroes – if you are seeking ways to make an impact on the broken institution of family court, this is where I am putting my money. If there is anyone who can make changes in this broken system, it is Joan . . . “

One Mom's Battle Online Forum

“What you are doing is the first thing to give me HOPE for change.” 

Tina Swithin

“Facts and outcomes from investigations like yours are a valuable and hopeful source of knowledge for us as therapists and for our patients.”

Trauma therapist, Netherlands