Business and Finance Law Faculty

GW Law has an active and growing Business and Finance Law faculty. View our list below.


Michael Abramowicz

Associate Dean for Strategy and Innovation; Oppenheim Professor of Law

Jeremy Bearer-Friend

Associate Professor of Law

Karen B. Brown

Theodore Rinehart Professor of Business Law

Theresa A. Gabaldon

Lyle T. Alverson Professor of Law; Director of Academic Programs and Administration, C-LEAF

Thomas Kearns

Professorial Lecturer in Law

F. Scott Kieff

Stevenson Bernard Professor of Law; C-LEAF Faculty Director

Jeffrey I. Kohn

Professor of Practice for Business and Finance Law

William E. Kovacic

Global Competition Professor of Law and Policy; Professor of Law; Director, Competition Law Center

Gregory E. Maggs

Professorial Lecturer in Law

Jeffrey Manns

Professor of Law

Dalia Tsuk Mitchell

The John Marshall Harlan Dean's Research Professor of Law; Professor of Law and History

Blake D. Morant

Robert Kramer Research Professor of Law