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The NFLVC serves as the preeminent home for national research and expert support for the growing movement to better protect children in contested custody cases. It provides pioneering quantitative and qualitative research, training and education, state and federal policy development, and selective litigation.

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Joan Meier on HBO's "Allen v. Farrow" documentary


Professor Meier appears in "Allen v. Farrow," a new four-part HBO series documenting the accusation of sexual abuse against actor Woody Allen and the aftermath that followed. In episodes 3 and 4, Professor Meier sheds light on the strategies used by abusers, the "alienation" label often used to deny women's and children's abuse claims, and what is going on in family courts today. Her research, based at GW's National Family Violence Law Center, also provides much of the background for the film.

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"Upstate Judge Favored Abusive Men Over Battered Women in Custody Cases, Lawsuit Claims"

Joan S. Meier is quoted in the New York Post about how mothers who accuse their spouses of abuse in family court often lose custody of their children.

"‘Women Are Routinely Discredited’: How Courts Fail Mothers and Children Who Have Survived Abuse"

Joan Meier is quoted in The Guardian about how mothers accusing their partners of abuse sometimes end up losing custody of their children.

"Parental Alienation As A Defense To Allegations Of Domestic Violence And Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse"

Joan S. Meier is cited in Forbes for her work on how parental alienation is often claimed in custody cases when there are allegations of abuse.

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