Commercial Law

Commercial law regulates the operation of the marketplace, including transactions between businesses and between a consumer and a business. Four courses focus on various portions of the Uniform Commercial Code: Secured Transactions (Articles 2A and 9), Secured Transactions and Commercial Paper, Commercial Paper—Payment Systems (primarily Articles 3, 4, and 4A), and Creditors’ Rights and Debtors’ Protection (state law debt collection and bankruptcy). Advanced courses focus on consumer transactions, the banking industry, and international commercial transactions.


Foundation Courses

Secured Transactions (6280)

Secured Transactions and Commercial  Paper (6281)

Commercial Paper—Payment Systems (6282)

Creditors’ Rights and Debtors’  Protection (6284)

Business Bankruptcy and Reorganization (6285)

Banking Law (6290)

Advanced Courses

Venture Capital Law (6259)

Regulation of Derivatives (6261)

E-Commerce (6283)

Consumer Protection Law (6286)

Admiralty (6293)

Sports and the Law (6295)

Insurance (6298)

Entertainment Law (6475)

International Business Transactions (6522)

International Commercial Law (6524)

International Finance (6541)

International Banking and Investment Law (6542)

Introduction to Transactional Islamic Law (6557)

International Business Transactions Seminar (6564)

Consumer Mediation Clinic (6620)