The Jamie Grodsky Prize for Environmental Law Scholarship

Professor Jamie Grodsky

The Jamie Grodsky Prize for Environmental Law Scholarship, funded by a generous gift from her father, Dr. Gerold Grodsky, and memorial gifts from her friends, commemorates the life of Professor Jamie A. Grodsky who passed away in May 2010. The prize recognizes an original paper by a GW Law student in the environmental field as judged by a panel. The Grodsky Prize is presented in conjunction with the annual J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Conference.

The Grodsky Prize is a fitting tribute to a remarkable professor and cherished friend, well-known for her kindness, dedication, wisdom, and passion for environmental law.

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The Jamie Grodsky Prize Winners

Laura Cahier

2021 Winner

Laura Cahier, LLM '21, Environmental Justice in the United Nations Human Rights System: Challenges and Opportunities for the Protection of Indigenous Women against Environmental Violence

Aaron Aber

2020 Winner

Aaron Aber, JD ’20, We Could Stop the Fire: Re-Thinking U.S. Wildfire Management and the Healthy Forests Restoration Act


2019 Winner

Christopher DelGiorno, LLM '18, Closing the Loop: The Folly of Burn Pits and Achieving Sustainable Military Contingency Operations Through Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Brian Gumz

2018 Winner

Brian Gumz, JD '18, Administrative Nonacquiescence and the EPA

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2017 Winner

Thomas Alford, LLM '16, Off the Grid: Facilitating the Acquisition of Microgrids for Military Installations to Achieve Energy Security and Sustainability


2016 Winner

Adrienne Thompson, LLM, Preparing for the Energy Future by Creating It: What State Public Utility Commissions Can do to Promote Sustainable Energy Policies, 7 Journal of Energy and Environmental Law No. 3, at 215 (2016)

Major Jason Hull

2015 Winner

Major Jason Hull, LLM '14, Hey Now, Let’s Be Social: The Social Cost of Carbon and the Case for Its Inclusion in the Government’s Procurement of Electricity, 7 Journal of Energy and Environmental Law No. 1, at 18 (2016)

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2014 Winner

Molly Masterton, JD '14, Promoting Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy and Managing Environmental Risk: Toward an Adaptive Management Strategy, 5 Journal of Energy and Environmental Law No. 2, at 7 (2014)


Joel Meister

2013 Winner

Joel Meister, JD '14, Sunny Dispositions: Modernizing Investment Tax Credit Recapture Rules for Solar Energy Project Finance after the Stimulus, 5 Journal of Energy and Environmental Law No. 3, at 15 (2014)

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2012 Winner

LCDR Jonathan Dowling, JAGC, USN, LLM ‘11, Improving Energy Security with the Great Green Fleet: The Case for Transitioning from Ethanol to Drop-In Renewable Fuels, 4 Journal of Energy and Environmental Law No. 2, at 82 (2013)

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2011 Winner

Renee Martin-Nagle, LLM '10, Fossil Aquifers: A Common Heritage of Mankind, 2 Journal of Energy and Environmental Law No. 2, at 39 (2011)