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The GW Center for Law and Technology (GWCLT) provides education, events, scholarship, and dialogue about intellectual property, privacy, data security, and technology law. Internally, the Center is divided into two important areas of academic areas within GW Law School:

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GW Law adds a new Journal of Law and Technology

GW JOLT will present articles, essays, and student notes on law and technology issues including, intellectual property, privacy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital health, online social media, behavioral advertising, and other existing and emerging areas of technology related law.



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  • Journal of Law and Technology (JOLT)
  • The American IP Law Association Quarterly Journal (AIPLA QJ)
  • The Federal Circuit Bar Journal (FCBJ)
  • The Federal Communications Law Journal (FCLJ)
  • The IP and Entertainment Law Brief (IPEL)

Center Leadership


Daniel J. Solove Professor of Intellectual Property and Technology Law George Washington University Law School President & CEO, TeachPrivacy

"With the vast amount of data collected and the powerful data analytics at disposal, we are on the path to a privacy dystopia."

“20 Talks” is a series of insightful discussions with experts and influential personalities across diverse domains.

Robot hand pointing at a digital orb

Pushing the Frontiers of IP & Tech Law

GW Law is poised to tackle the ongoing challenge of AI in the legal field with the soon-to-be-launched Center for Law and Technology.

Faculty in the News

“The Supreme Court Is Gaslighting Us All"

The New York Times quoted Mary Anne Franks on the Supreme Court’s distance from the impacts of its decisions on the American People.

"We Have a Theory About Why John Roberts Went Full MAGA This Term"

Slate quoted Mary Anne Franks on the highlights of the 2023-2024 Supreme Court term especially the Court’s “avoidance” in its messes created in hot-button issues.

"The Ground Is Shifting Under Biden and Trump"

The New York Times quoted Spencer Overton on the heightened racial polarization when it comes to Biden and Trump’s presidential campaign.

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