Using GWeb

Instructions for Using GWeb

GWeb allows you to register, and to check your address, grades, or class schedule. Check GWeb to see if there are any holds applied to prevent you from registering. A hold can only be cleared by the office that placed the hold on your record. If you have a hold that is not lifted by the time you register, please submit your registration form to the Records Office. When your hold is lifted, we will enter those classes that are still open.

To access: Enter your GWid number and your 6-digit PIN. If you haven’t already changed it*, your PIN is your 2-digit birth month, 2-digit birth date, and 2-digit birth year (i.e., if your birthday is April 12, 1980, your initial PIN is 041280). Once you access GWeb, you have the option of changing your PIN. If your social security number begins with the @ symbol, use the @ symbol when registering by GWeb and the pound key (#) when using telephone registration.

*We recommend that you change your PIN.


At the "Main Menu" click on "Student Records & Registration", then "Registration Menu". Select "Register, Drop and/or Add Classes". You will be prompted for a term. Select "Fall 2017" and submit term.

Adding Classes

Enter your desired Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) into the numbered boxes and click "Submit Changes". You will immediately see if you have been successfully registered, or if there are any problems with your selections. You are only registered for courses listed in the "Current Schedule" table. CRNs can be found in the registration packet.

Dropping Classes

You may drop courses by selecting "Dropped Course" in the "Action" column next to the appropriate course.

Don’t have the CRN?

If you don’t have the CRN of the course you wish to take, click on "Class Search". Select "Law" as the subject and specify any other parameters you wish. Once you have found your desired course, you may click on the box to the left of the CRN and click "register" to add the course to your schedule.

Variable Credit

If the course you wish to take has a variable credit option listed in "Schedule of Law Classes - 2017" in your registration packet, you may adjust the credit hours on GWeb. (You will automatically be registered for the lowest number of credits available.) From the "Add/Drop Classes : Fall 2017" screen, click on "Return to Menu". Select "Change Credit Hours". Scroll down to the appropriate course and input the desired credit hour value into the field. Credit hour options are listed to the right of the field.