Wellness is a very popular term at the moment. It means “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” As you persevere towards your ultimate goals, keep in mind that maintaining healthy physical, mental, emotional, and professional habits is paramount to having a productive law school experience and ultimately a successful legal career.

At GW Law we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and establishing the healthy habits that you need, whether you are at your highest highs, or lowest lows. Here you can find resources to guide you along your journey.

Dr. Jessica Floyd Alexander, Psy.D., Program Administrator for Wellness, Diversity & Inclusion is available in the Dean of Students office Monday – Friday, 9 – 5pm to help students with any issues that may arise and to help find solutions to complex problems.

Phone: 202-994-8320, [email protected]

Supporting Each Other

  • What to Look For
    • Confused thinking
    • Abuse of alcohol or drugs
    • Missing assignments
    • Increasing irritability
    • Dramatic changes to appearance, e.g., disheveled, significant weight loss or gain, poor hygiene
    • Short temper or frequently agitated
    • Excessive self-criticism
    • Suicidal thoughts or references to self-harm
    • Increased isolation
  • What You Can Do
    • Reach out and offer to talk or spend time together
    • Listen and be supportive
    • Encourage your friend to contact Dr. Floyd Alexander in the Dean of Students office for an initial consultation
    • Offer to accompany your friend to Mental Health Services
    • Access the CARE Network: a cross-departmental support system which recognizes that student concerns are often multi-faceted. Students are connected to resources through inter-departmental collaboration to provide them with appropriate and personalized outreach. Reports can be made anonymously.

Mental Health

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