James F. Humphreys Complex Litigation Center

James F. Humphreys Complex Litigation Center


Western Alliance Bank (2020-2021)
Seeger Weiss LLP (2020-21)
Technology Concepts & Design, Inc.  (2020-21)

The mission of the James F. Humphreys Complex Litigation Center is to provide federal and state judges, court administrators, lawyers, and public policymakers comprehensive information about complex litigation in the United States and alternative methods for managing such cases fairly and efficiently. The Humphreys Complex Litigation Center seeks to educate both the legal and lay community about the key policy questions presented by complex litigation by sponsoring seminars, symposia, conferences, innovative courses, and public lectures. The center also will pursue its mission by supporting legal and empirical research into the causes of complex litigation, the proper management of such litigation, and effective methods for settling such cases or resolving the cases through various alternative dispute resolution systems such as arbitration or mediation. The center is embarking on an ambitious program holding several major bench-bar-academy conferences annually. Please contact us at  [email protected].


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