James F. Humphreys Complex Litigation Center

James F. Humphreys Complex Litigation Center


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The mission of the James F. Humphreys Complex Litigation Center is to provide federal and state judges, court administrators, lawyers, and public policymakers comprehensive information about complex litigation in the United States and alternative methods for managing such cases fairly and efficiently. The Humphreys Complex Litigation Center seeks to educate both the legal and lay community about the key policy questions presented by complex litigation by sponsoring seminars, symposia, conferences, innovative courses, and public lectures. The center also will pursue its mission by supporting legal and empirical research into the causes of complex litigation, the proper management of such litigation, and effective methods for settling such cases or resolving the cases through various alternative dispute resolution systems such as arbitration or mediation. 

The center holds several major bench-bar-academy conferences annually.  Recognized as the premier center for serious collaboration between the bench and plaintiff/defense bar in improving the administration of justice in complex litigation, the center is planning to hold a Mass-Tort MDL Summit: An Introspective Examination in the fall of 2023 with leaders and representatives from the executive, legislative, and judicial branches along with judges, practitioners, scholars, and other experts. Please contact us at  [email protected].




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The center seeks public comment on a preliminary draft Inclusivity and Diversity in Work Assignments Questionnaire in class actions and MDLs. Please submit comments, favorable, unfavorable, or otherwise on the preliminary draft questionnaire no later than Tuesday, November 30, 2021, to [email protected].

The center’s Inclusivity and Excellence: Guidelines and Best Practices for Judges Appointing Lawyers to Leadership Positions in MDL and Class-Action Litigation was recognized at the Fifth Annual Class Action Money & Ethics Conference held on June 29-30, 2021. The Beard Group publishing firm presented John Rabiej with its inaugural “Champion of Class Action Justice” award for his work on the diversity best practices.  The document and a list of 95 law firms and 14 bar organizations and companies who support the Inclusivity Guideline and Best Practices as founding signatories are contained in the press release here. The center is accepting additional signatories until April 1, 2022. Please submit your request to be added as a signatory to Roger Trangsrud at [email protected]

Please check our Publications webpage for a soon-to-be released draft for public comment of the “New Framework,” a groundbreaking tool that provides information to help lawyers and judges begin assessing Rule 26(b)(1) proportionality discovery based on objective data applied under a systematic process.  A draft of best practices addressing issues raised at the center’s November 2020 class-action conference is also being developed by a team of 30 lawyers and will be issued for public comment in late summer or fall.

The center is forming an exclusive Lawyers Cabinet and an In-House Counsel Guild as advisory groups to help us plan future conferences and develop best practices. Learn more about how to join the Lawyers Cabinet and the In-House Counsel Guild.


Learn more about the center's cabinet, guild, and scholars council. 

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The center is sustained by “patrons” who provide financial support for all the center’s events and projects in a given year and “sponsors” who provide financial support for individual events and conferences. The center would not be able to hold events and conferences and conduct studies and projects without the patrons’ and sponsors’ financial support. We deeply appreciate the generous contributions of our supporters.

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