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Maintaining a strong, consistent brand is a vital part of maintaining GW Law's strength as a part of GW's institution. We communicate with hundreds of people, from students in the classroom to hosting an event for the public. The design elements below are for you to download and use in your work. Whether you’re promoting your events or creating a class presentation, your materials should clearly be a part of GW Law.


The GW Law logo (and its variations) is the most visible and distilled element of GW Law’s brand. We have provided multiple variations of the main logo and to view GW's other logos, please visit the main logo suite webpage.

Using GW Logos

  • Maintain the logo's original width-to-height proportions. Let us know if you need help resizing.
  • Surround the logo with as much clear space as possible.
  • Legibility is key. Make sure the background under the logo is plain and simple.
  • Stick to the logo’s approved color configurations.
  • Only use logo files from the Communications Office.

GW Law PowerPoint Templates



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Social Media Logos

GW Law Social Media Logos


GW Law Branded Video Call Backgrounds



Additional GW Law Downloads

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