Celorio, Rosa

GW Law Faculty Publications

July 24, 2018

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(With Hurst Hannum et al.)  International Human Rights : Problems of Law, Policy, and Practice (6th ed. 2018).


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The Case of Karen Atala and Daughters: Toward a Better Understanding of Discrimination, Equality, and the Rights of Women, 15 CUNY L. Rev. 335-389 (2012).

The Rights of Women in the Inter-American System of Human Rights: Current Opportunities and Challenges in Standard-Setting, 65 U. Miami L. Rev. 819-847 (2011).

Introductory Note to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Case of Gonzalez (Cotton Field) v. Mexico, 49 Int’l Legal Materials 637-639 (2010).

Introductory Note to the European Court of Human Rights: Opuz v. Turkey, 48 Int’l Legal Materials 907-908 (2009).