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November 29, 2021

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Exam Pro on Criminal Procedure (4th ed. 2020).
     Fourth edition published in 2015.     
     Third edition published in 2012. 

Constitutional Law [Audiobook] (10th ed. 2020).
     Ninth edition published in 2016.     
     Eighth edition published in 2013.
     Seventh edition published in 2008.
     Sixth edition published in 2005.
     Fifth edition published in 2002.
     Fourth edition published in 2000.

Criminal Procedure. 3rd ed. St. Paul: West, 2012.
     First edition published in 2001.
     Second edition published in 2005.

(As a member of the Commission). Report of the Commission on the 50th Anniversary of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Washington, DC: National Institute of Military Justice, 2001. 

(with Relyea, Harold). Striking a Balance: National Security and Scientific Freedom: First Discussions. Washington, DC: American Association for the Advancement of Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, 1985. 

How to Read and Analyze a Financial Statement. Washington, DC: District of Columbia Bar, 1981. 



A Proposal to Win the District of Columbia:  A Partial Vote in the House of Representatives, 21 UDC L. Rev. 1 (2019).

The Power to Exercise Authority over the District of Columbia and Federal Property, in The Powers of the U.S. Congress: Where Constitutional Authority Begins and Ends 185 (Brien Hallett ed., 2016)

"Theories of Representation: For the District of Columbia, Only Statehood Will Do," 23 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 65-87 (2014).

"Threading the Needle: Constitutional Ways for Local Governments to Refuse Cooperation with Civil Immigration Policies," 16 University of the District of Columbia Law Review 123-140 (2012).

"Making Freedom of Information Laws Actually Work: The Case of the District of Columbia," 13 University of the District of Columbia Law Review 335-358 (2010).

"Legislative Oversight of Police: Lessons Learned from an Investigation of Police Handling of Demonstrations in Washington, D.C." 32 Journal of Legislation 1-21 (2005).

"Should Lawyers Participate in Rigged Systems: The Case of the Military Commissions." 1 Journal of National Security Law & Policy, 375-408 (2005).
     (Available at

"Demonstrations, Security Zones, and First Amendment Protection of Special Places." 8 University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law Law Review 53-76 (2004).

"When Congress Commands a Thing to be Done: An Essay on Marbury v. Madison, Executive Inaction, and the Duty of the Courts to Enforce the Law." 72 The George Washington Law Review 253-288 (2004).

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"An Essay on VMI and Military Service: Yes, We Do Have to be Equal Together." 50 Washington and Lee Law Review 49-61 (1993).

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Review of Free Speech and National Security, edited by Shimon Shetreet. 25 The George Washington Journal of International Law and Economics 555-570 (1991).



Constitutional Law Sum and Substance. 5th ed. St. Paul: West Group, 2002. (Cassettes).
     First edition published in 1995.
     Second edition published in 1996.
     Third edition published in 1998.
     Fourth edition published in 2000.

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