Danielle Cantor

Danielle Cantor, Executive Vice President and Partner of F.A.M.E., is an NBPA Certified Agent, representing current and retired NBA talent. Together with partner David Falk, Danielle negotiates multi-million-dollar basketball contracts for a number of NBA players. Cantor has also negotiated a myriad of national and international endorsement deals for the company’s basketball clients. As the Vice President of Marketing for the company most well known for its creative marketing partnerships, Cantor is instrumental in leading market research, creating proposals, facilitating negotiations and the implementing/executing these renown athlete-endorsement partnerships. Prior to David Falk’s re-launch of FAME in 2007, Cantor formerly served the same role for SFX Basketball and for the Talent Marketing Group for SFX Sports. During her tenure at SFX, Jeweler facilitated the seamless integration between its Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Belgrade offices’ marketing departments and oversaw marketing efforts for all NBA clients.