Fourth Annual Post-Grant Roundtable

Join the Intellectual Property Law Program as they host the 4th Annual GW Law Post-Grant Roundtable event, where patent leaders from academia, industry, and government will discuss the post-grant practice at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and how post-grant proceedings continue to change the practice of patent law.

Topics include:

  • Statistics and Trends in AIA Post-Grant Proceedings
  • Constitutionality of Post-Grant Proceedings (after Oil States)
  • Implications and Trends after SAS
  • Update to the Trial Practice Guide
  • Issues appealable to the Federal Circuit (after Wi-Fi One)
  • Developments in Real Party-in-Interest
  • Sovereign Immunity
  • Potential Legislative and Rule Changes (e.g., Claim Construction & Motions to Amend)
  • Petitioners and Patent Owners: Successful Strategies
  • The Road Ahead for Post-Grant Proceedings


  • The Honorable David Ruschke, USPTO
  • The Honorable Jackie Bonilla, USPTO
  • Kurt Brasch, Uber
  • Jud Cary, Cablelabs
  • Jim D’Ottavio, Ford
  • Q. Todd Dickinson, Polsinelli
  • Carlos Garcia, Eli Lilly
  • Renny Hwang, Google
  • David Killough, Microsoft
  • Jay Knobloch, Trading Technologies
  • Kevin Laurence, Laurence & Phillips
  • Naveen Modi, Paul Hastings
  • Lissi Mojica, Answers IP
  • Bryan Richardson, Wi-LAN
  • Jamie Simpson, U.S. Senate
  • Jonathan Stroud, Unified Patents
  • Teresa Summers, Summers Law Group
  • Brad Waugh, Intel
  • David Cavanaugh, WilmerHale (co-moderator)
  • John Whealan, GW Law (co-moderator)

Fore more information, please contact Tori Bass at [email protected].