GW Law to Accept GRE Scores for JD Admissions

December 5, 2017

Please note: GW Law is no longer accepting GRE scores at this time.

The George Washington University Law School will begin accepting the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), in addition to the LSAT, for applicants to the 2018 JD entering class.

"We are committed to attracting a diverse student body with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and career paths," said GW Law Associate Dean for Admissions Sophia Sim. "This change in our admissions policy will provide expanded access to legal education for an increased number of qualified applicants."

While the LSAT is offered four times a year, the GRE is offered throughout the year and in more than 1,000 locations worldwide.

Sim added that GW Law’s location in Washington, D.C., and the strength of its programs in such areas as intellectual property and national security help attract many students who may have taken the GRE or plan to take it in the future.  

"We receive a large number of applicants from individuals with graduate degrees and a high level of interest from many who are considering graduate school," said Sim. "This will open the door for many who otherwise may not apply to law school."

According to Sim, GRE scores only will be assessed in cases where an applicant has not and does not plan on taking the LSAT.

GW Law, which receives the second largest number of JD applications in the country, joins 13 other U.S. law schools in the decision to accept the GRE general test score for admission.