GW Law adds a new Journal of Law and Technology

January 8, 2024

Man and Woman Sitting at Table While using a Laptop

GW Law is launching a new Journal of Law and Technology ( GW JOLT) which will be a student-run, student-edited law journal. GW JOLT will present articles, essays, and student notes on law and technology issues including, intellectual property, privacy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital health, online social media, behavioral advertising, and other existing and emerging areas of technology related law. Each issue will contain both articles from leading academics as well as student notes. 

Editorial Board members will handle the entire publication process, from article selection to editing, to publication. GW JOLT’s faculty advisors are Professors Daniel Solove, Eugene L. and Barbara A. Bernard Professor of Intellectual Property and Technology Law and Robert Brauneis, Michael J. McKeon Professor of Intellectual Property Law; Co-Director of the Intellectual Property Law Program; Co-Director of the Dean Dinwoodey Center for Intellectual Property Studies; Member, Managing Board, Munich Intellectual Property Law Center. 

The GW JOLT aims to emulate and be a peer of leading journals of law and technology, such as the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, the Yale Journal of Law and Technology, and the Berkeley Technology Law Journal

Stay tuned for more updates on the newest GW Law journal.