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The nation’s capital offers an incomparable setting in which to study health law, one of the fastest-growing legal practice areas. GW’s Health Law Initiative is designed to enable students to take maximum advantage of this unique location. Key survey courses and seminars emphasize the crucial role the law plays in the design and operation of the U.S. health care and public health systems. Through the study of health law at GW, students learn about the complex structure of the federal regulatory process, the relationship between federal and state health system regulation, and the relationship between federal regulation and industry stakeholders. Special attention is paid to the effect of these vast and complex legal interactions on the health of consumers, patients, and the general population. Students also benefit from the extraordinary externship and job placement opportunities available in Washington, D.C., ready access to experts both at GW and in the broader community and leading-edge research opportunities in health law and policy.



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Faculty in the News

"Federal Judge Sides with Gay Teacher Suing Catholic School Over Firing"

September 13, 2021

Robert W. Tuttle is quoted in the Washington Times after a substitute teacher successfully sued a North Carolina Catholic school that fired him for being married to another man.

"'Lawless Behavior': Legal Experts Say the Supreme Court Acted Out of 'Political Motivations' in Upholding Texas' Abortion Ban"

September 11, 2021

Richard J. Pierce, Jr. is quoted by Business Insider criticizing the Supreme Court majority's reasoning for upholding Texas's new abortion ban. 

"Supreme Court's Abortion Decision Shines Light on 'Shadow Docket'"

September 08, 2021
Richard J. Pierce, Jr. is quoted by CBS News about the Supreme Court's increasing tendency to rule on high profile matters through summary decisions.

"Some Medical Clinics Are Hiring Lawyers To Improve Patients' Health"

August 31, 2021

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted by NPR about some health clinics using Medicaid funds to pay for legal assistance to patients.

"Maine Health Workers Cite Religious Exemption From Vaccine Mandates"

August 30, 2021

Robert Tuttle is quoted in the Washington Times about the likelihood of multiple lawsuits being filed over religious exemptions to vaccination mandates.

Upcoming Events

The Health Law Initiative holds several events throughout the semester. Please check back for new events.

Past Events

Polygenic Risk Scores and Genomic Prediction in Reproduction

Join GW Law and the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences for a virtual presentation and discussion about the increasing use of polygenic risk

First Amendment Values in Health Care Symposium

This event explored controversies in health care and public health that implicate the First Amendment and its values with respect to free speech and the free exercise of religion.

Fruit of America's Poisonous Tree: The Political Determinants of Health and Opportunities to Optimize Health

The Health Law Initiative hosted Daniel Dawes, Director, Satcher Health Leadership Institute at the Morehouse School of Medicine.

The Impact of COVID-19 in the Context of Society and Biology

This event hosted a panel discussion on the impact of COVID-19 in the context of society and biology.

Health Law Expo

The Health Law Initiative and Career Center hosted an expo for networking and interacting with attorneys in all forms of health law.