In the News

"Color of Justice: All-White Benches Persist in US District Courts"

Bloomberg Law quoted JP Collins, Jr. on how, who, and why politicians select judges.

"Beijing passes law to hear lawsuits involving foreign states in Chinese courts"

The Straits Times quoted Donald Clarke in regard to China’s confidence in their court nationally and abroad.

"The Guardian says it’s blocking OpenAI from building off its content"

The Hill quoted Robert Brauneis on the timeline before litigation takes place in the OpenAI market.

"It may have just gotten harder to protect minority communities from pollution"

Stateline, in an article distributed by Tribune News Service, quoted Emily Hammond in regard to water pollution, especially in underserved communities.

"Richard Lapointe died waiting for CT to pay his wrongful incarceration claim. More are pending"

Connecticut Public Radio quoted Jeffrey Gutman expressing the importance of urgency when it comes to wrongful incarceration cases.

"Lawyers indicted with Trump say they were doing their jobs. But that may be a tough argument to make"

The Associated Press quoted Stephen Saltzburg answering the question about just how far lawyers will go to win an argument.

"The science behind the Fukushima waste water release"

Emily Hammond is quoted in BBC discussing legality and water level safety.

"Ignored by police, twin sisters took down their cyberstalker themselves"

The Washington Post quoted Mary Anne Franks to discuss protection, intent, and privacy.

"AI Firms Under Fire for Allegedly Infringing on Copyrights"

Robert Brauneis quoted in Voice of America discussing the legality of fair use and OpenAI.

"Republican debate: Trump's absence could guard him from undesirable legal attention"

Washington Examiner quoted Alan Morrison in response to Trump’s absence on the Republican Debate Stage.