Jeremy Bearer-Friend

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Jeremy Bearer-Friend

Associate Professor of Law


2000 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20052

Professor Jeremy Bearer-Friend's scholarship views taxpaying as a civic act that shapes a citizen's relationship to government. His research examines the omission of race and ethnicity from federal tax data, the use of administrative discretion to shape the civic features of taxpaying, and the potential of elective in-kind contributions to government in lieu of, or in tandem with, cash payments. Professor Bearer-Friend also writes on the taxation of business entities. His work in this area examines the asymmetric design of federal tax remittance for wages relative to business income, M&A tax incentives that encourage monopolies, and the use of political indicators to measure the incidence of the corporate tax.

Professor Bearer-Friend joined GW Law after serving as Visiting Assistant Professor of Tax Law at NYU, where he taught courses on federal estate and gift tax, tax procedure, and tax policy. Prior to academia, Professor Bearer-Friend was Tax Counsel to Senator Elizabeth Warren. Professor Bearer-Friend was also an associate with DC tax boutique Ivins, Phillips & Barker, where he advised clients on federal income tax, estate and gift tax, and employee benefits matters.

Professor Bearer-Friend regularly advises journalists, think tanks, presidential campaigns, and congressional staff on tax law. His research has been cited by the U.S. Treasury Department, in testimony before the Senate Finance Committee, and by numerous think tanks and scholars. In 2021, Professor Bearer-Friend was named a Fulbright Scholar to the National Library of Scotland, where he will study the anti-poll tax movement and the use of capitation in tax policy.

In the News 

"Race-Based Poll Taxes And 20th-Century Discrimination"

Forbes quoted Jeremy Bearer-Friend on the implications and tactics surrounding how polls uses taxes to establish voting districts and populations.

"IRS Should Embrace Race Data to Promote Equity"

Jeremy Bearer-Friend was quoted by Reuters about the racial animus discrimination that exists impacting the tax code.

"White Americans Collect 92% of Benefits From Investor Tax Breaks"

Jeremy Bearer-Friend was quoted by Bloomberg News regarding the U.S. Treasury Dept’s first-ever analysis of tax return data by race and ethnicity.

BA, Brown University; MA, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education; JD, Stanford Law School