Leadership in Law, Business, and National Security

Join the Business & Finance Law Program and the National Security & U.S. Foreign Relations Law Program for a panel discussion on the qualities useful or necessary for leaders of the future. Education in specialized areas of expertise—including law, economics, or military science—can be more straightforward than attempting to teach good judgment about leadership in unforeseeable and complex contexts. One challenge is that these sorts of leadership qualities have often been categorized as elements of "practical wisdom," traditionally learned best through hard-won experience.

The military is one U.S. institution that regards leadership and judgment as sufficiently important to devote significant effort to teaching it explicitly. Four uniquely experienced panelists who have directly addressed these questions as military officers and educators, and in business will discuss these important issues.


  • Major Ronald Alcala, JD '04, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, United States Military Academy
  • Brigadier General Michael Meese (Ret.), Executive Vice President, American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association; former Head, Department of Social Sciences and Professor, United States Military Academy
  • Lieutenant Colonel Shane Reeves, Deputy Head, Department of Law and Professor, United States Military Academy
  • Colonel Everett Spain, Head, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership and Professor, United States Military Academy