Merit Scholarships

At GW Law, merit scholarships are partially funded through the generosity of our alumni. The Admissions Office automatically considers all admitted applicants for law school merit scholarships on the basis of the information contained in your admission file; no additional information is required.

The law school begins awarding merit scholarships during the admissions decision process, and continues to make awards every few weeks until all merit funds are exhausted. In order to accept a merit scholarship, the Admissions Office must receive your first seat deposit by April 15.

Merit scholarships are disbursed half at the beginning of the fall semester, the other half at the beginning of the spring. Merit scholarships are not available during the summer semester. The scholarship renews automatically in the same annual amount for your consecutive years of study as long as you remain in good academic standing in the JD program for which you were originally admitted (i.e. Full-Time, Part-Time) continuously with no leaves of absences or suspensions. Please note that you are not eligible for any scholarships or need-based grants if you are receiving benefits via the GW tuition remission plan. Details on academic standing are available under the Dean of Students.

If you receive a merit scholarship of $16,000 or more, you are ineligible to receive need-based grants. If you already have been awarded a GW need-based grant and are later awarded a merit scholarship, your level of need will have changed.  Therefore it is more than likely that the need-based grant may be adjusted or even revoked.

The Admissions Office awards scholarships to incoming 1Ls only. If you do not receive a merit scholarship for your first year of law study, you are ineligible to receive one as an upperclassman.

GW Law does not award scholarships that are conditional on law school academic performance, therefore we do not post an ABA Scholarship retention worksheet for years beginning in 2012.

Students Matriculating In Students Entering with a Conditional Scholarship Conditional Scholarships Reduced or Eliminated
2012-2013 Academic Year Not applicable Not applicable
2011-2012 Academic Year 62 6
2010-2011 Academic Year 103 13