Professor Robert Brauneis Receives Honorary Degree from the University of Augsburg

November 27, 2023
Professor Brauneis receiving his honorary doctorate in law

The University of Augsburg in Augsburg, Germany conveyed an honorary degree upon GW Law's Michael J. McKeon Professor of Intellectual Property Law Robert Brauneis. This honorary doctorate in law was awarded in recognition of his academic contributions, especially in copyright law, and his contributions to the German-American legal dialogue.

On average, the University of Augsburg gives an honorary degree about once a year, though mostly in areas other than law. Professor Brauneis joins a short list of Americans receiving this honorary degree. He joins the company of Judge Ruggero Aldisert of the Third Circuit (1984), Professor Ronald Brand of the University of Pittsburgh (2011), and Professor Peter Wendel of Pepperdine University (2011). 

"I am deeply honored to receive this degree and deeply grateful for the connections I have had with the University of Augsburg, and for the friends I have made there, over the past twenty years," said Professor Brauneis.