Retired Judge Advocate Discusses Her Legacy of Service

December 19, 2023
Allison Stevens sitting and talking

GW Law’s National Security, Cybersecurity, & Foreign Relations Law Program, along with the Veteran Law Students Association, Military Law Society, and National Security Law Association hosted the then Acting General Counsel—recently appointed General Counsel—of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and retired Judge Advocate, Allison Stevens to commemorate Veterans Day. This year’s event—Lifelong Service: Veteran Lawyer Allison Stevens, Acting GC of the NGA, Talks about her Legacy of Service—offered GW Law students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to observe Veterans Day and hear insights from Ms. Stevens regarding her career in and out of the military.

Before her position as leading attorney at the NGA, her previous positions included Deputy General Counsel of the NGA, Associate General Counsel of the NGA, and Chief Legal Officer for the Department of Defense (DoD) Intelligence Systems Support Office. Ms. Stevens also served in the National Security and Military Affairs Division of the Air Force Office of the General Counsel, the Intelligence Law Division of the DoD Office of the General Counsel, the Drug Enforcement Administration Office of the Chief Counsel, and the Department of Commerce Office of the General Counsel. Ms. Stevens began her legal career as a Judge Advocate and served in the Army and Air Force as a Reserve officer on active duty, and in the Air National Guard. She supported the full spectrum of military and cyber operations during her service.

Drawing from these unique positions and decades of military and government service, Ms. Steven shared her perspective on what it means to have a legacy of service in and out of the military. During her opening remarks, Ms. Stevens reflected on the meaning of Veterans Day and military service. Specifically, Ms. Stevens highlighted the sacrifice that accompanies this service and honored the dedication of veterans and their families.

During Q&A, Ms. Stevens answered questions about what drew her to a career as a Judge Advocate, how it prepared her for life after the military, and how her military experience gave her a passion for national security law that she has carried into her current career. Ms. Stevens recounted stories of navigating complex legal and ethical questions as a Judge Advocate and NGA Acting General Counsel. She also encouraged veterans to embody a legacy of service in their legal careers and find veteran mentors to help them identify their passions after the military.

In addition to hearing from Ms. Stevens, attendees were welcomed by the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Color. GW Law’s National Security, Cybersecurity, and Foreign Relations Law Program and student organizations were honored to host Ms. Stevens for the annual Veterans Day Event and to celebrate her legacy of service and leadership.