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January 3, 2022

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(With Graham C. Lilly & Daniel J. Capra.) Principles of Evidence (9th concise ed. 2022).
     Fifth concise edition published in 2009.
     Sixth concise edition published in 2012.
     Seventh concise edition published in 2015.
     Eighth concise edition published in 2019.

(With Daniel J. Capra. & Angela J. Davis.) Basic Criminal Procedure (8th ed. 2021).
     First edition published in 1994.
     Second edition published in 1997.
     Third edition published in 2003.
     Fourth edition published in 2005.
     Fifth edition published in 2009.
     Sixth edition published in 2012.
     Seventh edition published in 2017.

(With David A. Schleuter et al.) Military Evidentiary Foundations (7th ed. 2021).
     First edition published in 1994.
     Second edition published in 2000.
     Third edition published in 2007.
     Fourth edition published in 2010.
     Fifth edition published in 2013. 
     Sixth edition published in 2016.

(With Dennis D. Prater et al.) Evidence: The Objection Method (6th ed. 2021).
     First Edition (with Prater, Dennis D., Christine M. Arguello, Daniel J. Capra and Michael M. Martin) published in 1997 (Michie).
     1999 Supplement (with Dennis D. Prater).
     2000 Supplement (with Dennis D. Prater).
     Third edition published in 2007.
     Fourth edition published in 2011.
     Fifth edition published in 2016

(With David A. Schlueter.)  Texas Rules of Evidence Trial Book: Objections, Offers of Proof, Rulings on the Record, and Limiting Instructions (4th ed. 2020).
     First edition published in 2000 with David A. Schleuter and Robert R. Barton; published by LEXIS Law Pub.
     Second edition published in 2010.
     Third edition published in 2015.

(With Lee D.Schinasi, David A. Schleuter and Victor M. Hansen.) Military Rules of Evidence Manual (9th ed. 2020).
     First edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1981.
     Second edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1986.
     Third edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1991.
     Fourth edition (LEXIS Law Pub.) published in 1997.
     Sixth edition published in 2006.
     Seventh edition published in 2011.
     Eighth edition published in 2015.

(With Herbert J. Stern.) Trying Cases to Win: In One Volume (Student Edition, West Academic Publishing, 2020).

(With Capra, Daniel J., and Michael M. Martin). Federal Rules of Evidence Manual: A Complete Guide to the Federal Rules of Evidence. 12th ed. New York: LexisNexis, 2019.
     Includes semi-annual supplements.
     First edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1975.
     Second edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1977.
     Third edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1982.
     Fourth edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1986.
     Fifth edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1990.
     Sixth edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1994.
     Seventh edition (Charlottesville, VA: LEXIS) published in 1998.
     Eighth edition (Newark: LexisNexis) published in 2002.
     Ninth edition published in 2006.
     Tenth edition published in 2011.
     Eleventh edition published in 2015.

Trial Tactics (4th ed. 2019)
     First edition published in 2007.
     Second edition published in 2009.
     Third edition published in 2012.

(With David A. Schlueter & Jonathan K. Gitlen.) Federal Criminal Procedure Litigation Manual (2019- ).
     Published Annually.
     Previous editions published with David A. Schlueter.

(With Daniel J. Capra & David C. Gray). American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary. (West Academic Press, 12th ed. 2022). Includes annual supplements.
     First edition published in 1980.
     Second edition published in 1984.
     Third edition published in 1988.
     Fourth edition published in 1992 (with David J. Capra).
     Fifth edition published in 1996 (with David J. Capra).
     Sixth edition published in 2000 (with David J. Capra).
     Seventh edition published in 2004 (with David J. Capra).
     Eighth edition published in 2007 (with David J. Capra).
     Ninth edition published in 2010 (with David J. Capra).
     Tenth edition published in 2014 (with David J. Capra).
     Eleventh edition published in 2018 (with David J. Capra).

(With Diamond, John L., Kit Kinports and Thomas H. Morawetz). Criminal Law: Cases and Materials. 4th ed. Durham:  Carolina Academic Press, 2017.
     First edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1994.
     Second edition published in 2000.
     Third edition published by Lexis Nexis in 2008.

(With Stern, Herbert Jay.) Trying Cases to Win: In One Volume. St. Paul: West Academic, 2020. 
    First edition (Chicago: ABA Publishing) published in 2013. 

(With Capra, Daniel J.) Casenote Legal Briefs. Criminal Procedure: Keyed to Saltzburg and Capra's American Criminal Procedure. New York: Aspen, 2005. 

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(With Imwinkelried, Edward J.). California and Federal Rules of Evidence Trial Book. Charlottesville, VA: Lexis Law Pub., 1999. 

(With Burnside, Janet R. and Louis A. Jacobs). Ohio Rules of Evidence Trial Book: Objections, Offers of Proof, Rulings on the Record, and Limiting Instructions. Charlottesville, VA: LEXIS Law Pub., 1999. 

(With Stern, Herbert J.). Trying Cases to Win: Anatomy of a Trial. Gaithersburg: Aspen Law & Business, 1999.
     Reprinted by Law Book Exchange, 2013.

(With Mitchell, John and Fred Tausend). Washington Evidence Trial Book: Objections, Offers of Proof, Rulings on the Record, and Limiting Instructions. Charlottesville, VA: LEXIS Law Pub., 1999. 

Emerging Problems under the Federal Rules of Evidence. (Contributing Editor). 3rd ed. Charlottesville, VA: LEXIS Law Pub., 1998.
     First edition (Chicago: ABA) published in 1983. (Reporter).
     Second edition (St. Paul: West) published in 1991. (Reporter).

Federal Rules of Evidence Manual: The Trial Book. Charlottesville, VA: LEXIS Law Pub., 1998. 

Federal Rules of Evidence Trial Book: Objections, Offers of Proof, Rules on the Record, and Limiting Instructions. Charlottesville, VA: LEXIS Law Pub., 1998. 

(With Capra, Daniel J.). United States Code Service (Lawyers' Edition). Court Rules, Federal Rules of Evidence, Commentary. Charlottesville, VA: LEXIS Law Pub., 1998- . 

(With Perlman, Harvey S.). Federal Criminal Jury Instructions. 2nd ed. Charlottesville, VA: LEXIS Law Pub., 1991.
     First edition (Charlottesville, VA: Michie) published in 1985.

(With Hannum, Hurst and Richard B. Lillich). Materials on International Human Rights and U.S. Criminal Law and Procedure. Washington, DC: Procedural Aspects of International Law Institute, 1989. 

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(With Oakey, John M., Jr.). Report of the Committee to Draft Rules of Evidence for Virginia. Richmond, VA: Supreme Court of Virginia, 1985. 

(With Goetz, Charles J. and Gregory P. Joseph). Using Experts: Pretrial Preparation, Trial Testimony and Settling Cases. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska College of Law, 1985. 

(With Lembert, Richard O.). A Modern Approach to Evidence: Text, Problems, Transcripts, and Cases. 2nd ed. St. Paul: West, 1982.
     First edition published in 1977.

Evidence Supplement: Rules, Statutes, Commentary. St. Paul: West Publishing Co., 1980. 

Proposed Alaska Rules of Evidence: With Preliminary Revisions by the Alaska Supreme Court Committee on Rules of Evidence. Anchorage: Committee on Rules of Evidence, 1977. 


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