Thomas D. Lasich

Professorial Lecturer in Law


2000 H Street, NW Washington DC 20052

Thomas Lasich is currently a consultant (formerly the Head of Training) for the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) at the Basel Institute on Governance in Switzerland. The institute provides technical assistance to countries on political corruption and money laundering issues. Mr. Lasich designs, creates and manages technical training programs that are delivered by ICAR in countries on all the major continents including Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe.

Prior to his work with ICAR, Mr. Lasich was a criminal investigator and manager with the U.S. Treasury Department and the Inspector General’s Office of the Resolution Trust Corporation for 27 years. He conducted money laundering and financial investigations of organized crime members, major corporations and narcotics syndicates throughout the United States, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. He also coordinated and delivered national anti-money laundering programs for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (the US Government’s law enforcement training arm). 

Mr. Lasich is a member of the Advisory Board for the International Association for Asset Recovery, and a contributing author of the book Tracing Stolen Assets, which was released at the 2009 Conference of State Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in Doha, Qatar. He teaches “International Money Laundering, Corruption and Terrorism” at the George Washington University Law School.

BA, University of Santa Clara