Accessing the Vote: A Case for Tax-Time Registration

Professor Jeremy Bearer-Friend

Governance Studies at Brookings will host a webinar to discuss the findings of a new report, "Voter Registration at Tax Time: Evidence of Efficacy, Approaches to Implementation." Professor Jeremy Bearer-Friend, and other experts will analyze various pathways to increasing voter registration and the current barriers in place preventing Americans, especially those in minority communities, from accessing this right. We will also hear from Rep. Bonnie Watson Colman (D-N.J.), who has introduced legislation allowing voters to register when filing their taxes.

The right to vote is an essential component of democracy, but those rights are being threatened in many areas throughout the country. Since the 2020 election, 18 states have enacted laws making it harder for Americans to vote and endangering the integrity of our elections. Policies encouraging citizens to register to vote as they file their income tax returns are an important part of the answer to protecting and expanding ballot access nationally.

Viewers can submit questions for speakers by emailing [email protected] or via Twitter at @BrookingsGov by using #FilerVoter. 


Jeremy Bearer-Friend, Associate Professor of Law

Sarah Brannon, Managing Attorney, Voting Rights Project, American Civil Liberties Union

Rebecca Thompson, Interim Vice President, Prosperity Now

Vanessa Williamson, Senior Fellow, Governance Studies, Brookings; Senior Fellow, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (Moderator)

Fireside Chat*

Vanessa Williamson

The Hon. Bonnie Watson Coleman