Advancing the Paris Agreement's Goals Through Low Carbon and Energy Procurement

Join GW Law and the UN Environment Programme for a session during the UN Climate Change Conference COP 25. Leroy C. Paddock, Former Associate Dean for Environmental Studies, and Jellie Molino, LLM '17, will present on GW Law's initiatives related to environmental sustainable procurement. 

The day will include dialogue, keynotes, and roundtable and panel discussions with experts, practitioners, negotiators, scholars, and leaders sharing knowledge on key global themes:

  • Advancing Paris Agreement Innovations – New Rules for Transparency, Markets and Non-Market Instruments, Finance, Loss and Damage, and Compliance and Safeguards
  • Scaling-up National and Regional Climate Legal Frameworks for Action – Effective Climate Governance, Ecosystems-Based and Human Rights Responses, Human Mobility, and Climate Justice
  • Local and Global Interlinkages and Engagement – Climate in Regimes on Oceans, Biodiversity, Ozone, Civil Aviation, Trade and Investment, and Peace and Security