Climate Change Law Under the Trump Administration and Perspectives on COP 23 in Bonn

Join the Environmental and Energy Law Program for a roundtable discussion on the status of climate change policy under the Trump Administration. The discussion will draw on articles written for the recent Special Edition of the Climate and Carbon Law Review (CCLR). 

The program will feature several CCLR authors including Vicki Arroyo, Executive Director of the Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown Law; Professor Robert Glicksman from the George Washington University Law School, Fatima Ahmad and Jennifer Huang from the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, and Charles Di Leva, visiting scholar at the Environmental Law Institute.

Topics under discussion will include:

  • The reaction of state and local authorities to the withdrawal of the U.S from the Paris Agreement
  • The fate of the Clean Power Plan
  • The flexibility of Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement

In addition, the program will provide an opportunity for Ms. Arroyo and Ms. Huang to report on their recent attendance at and outcomes of COP23 held in Bonn, Germany.

A light lunch will be provided.