Financial Stability: Hope or Promise?

Following the financial crisis of 2007-09, legislatures and regulators around the world took steps to strengthen their banking systems. Domestically, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act. Internationally, the Financial Stability Board and the Basel Committee established many new prudential standards. Much has been done.

Join the Center for Law, Economics and Finance as they host a distinguished panel (in Washington for the annual meetings of the Bank and the Fund) to discuss whether more is needed, what that might be, and whether current institutional arrangements are up to the task of completing the reform agenda.


Sabine Lautenschläger - Member of the Board of the European Central Bank and Vice Chair of the Single Supervisory Mechanism, Frankfurt

Greg Baer - President, The Clearing House Association, New York 

Aditya Narain - Deputy Director, IMF Monetary and Capital Markets Department, Washington DC

Panel Chairman

Charles Taylor - Visiting Scholar, GW Law, and former U.S. representative at the Basel Committee