The Human Rights Response to the Zero Rating Conundrum

Fri, 1 April, 2016 4:14pm
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The panel was held at the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference (RightsCon) on April 1, 2016. It examines the framework that exists under international law for analyzing zero-rating as a limitation to net neutrality understood as a norm of human rights. Under this normative framework, which binds at least 80% of the countries in the world, exceptions to net neutrality like zero-rating are evaluated in specific country scenarios using a balancing test of factors to determine whether, on the whole, freedom of expression is advanced or illegitimately curtailed in a particular context. Panelists addressed the situation of net neutrality and zero-rating in four countries across different regions: Chile, Mexico, Nigeria, and Pakistan. The goal was to generate new perspectives on those countries' domestic zero-rating practices, as well as provide a common baseline for constructive comparison across countries, something which does not currently exist.

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