In the News

“Ticking Clock May Save Trump From Impeachment in Congress’’

March 12, 2019

Jonathan Turley is quoted by Reuters about whether there is enough time for Congress to impeach Trump before the 2020 election.

“'ISIS Bride' May Have Valid U.S. Citizenship Despite Joining Terrorists’’

March 11, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by The Washington Times about why Hoda Muthana may have a credible claim for U.S. citizenship.

“Immigrant Detention Center in Bakersfield, Thought to Be Set To Close, Will Stay Open’’

March 09, 2019

Steven L. Schooner is quoted by the Los Angeles Times about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s recent contract notice.

“Crucifixion or Freedom? Stay Tuned to the Aftermath for Michael Cohen’’

March 09, 2019

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about the implications of Michael Cohen’s damaging testimony against Trump.

“Bitter Custody’’

March 09, 2019

NPR aired a segment featuring Joan S. Meier about a theory swaying judges to award custody to parents accused of harming kids.

“Pascrell Uses Section 232 to Take on Climate Change”

March 08, 2019

Alan B. Morrison is quoted by Politico about a court case challenging the constitutionality of the Section 232 trade law.

“Facing Legal Scrutiny, China’s State TV Recalls Its U.S. Head’’

March 08, 2019

Jonathan Turley is quoted by The New York Times about CGTN America's decision to move director general, Ma Jing, from DC to China.

“Telecom Giant’s Lawsuit Marks Shift to War Footing’’

March 07, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by The Wall Street Journal about Huawei Technologies suing the U.S. government to defend its global business.

“Amazon Is Flooding D.C. With Money and Muscle: The Influence Game’’

March 07, 2019

William E. Kovacic is quoted by Bloomberg about Amazon's prominence in modern debates about U.S. antitrust law.

“Abortion Debate Takes Shape in States”

March 06, 2019

Sonia M. Suter is quoted by ABC7/WJLA about the role of states in the abortion debate.

“'Fierce' Judge in Mueller cases Tested by Stone’’

March 06, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by The Hill about Judge Amy Berman Jackson who has overseen six criminal cases stemming from Mueller's investigation.

“House Heads Down Wrong Path to Impeachment with Investigations’’

March 06, 2019
Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill about investigations Democrats are pursuing against Trump and why they may not lead to impeachment.

“The Least Politically Prejudiced Place in America”

March 04, 2019
David Fontana is quoted by The Atlantic about the political climate and tolerance levels in the North Country region of upstate New York.

“China Accuses Detained Canadians of Espionage’’

March 04, 2019

Donald C. Clarke is quoted by The Wall Street Journal about two Canadians detained by China accused of stealing Chinese state secrets.

“Legal Scholars Don’t Know the Details of Trump’s Order on Campus Speech. But They Think It’s a Mistake’’

March 04, 2019
Catherine J. Ross is quoted by The Chronicle of Higher Education about the legality of President Trump's executive order on campus speech.