In the News

"Amazon Wins Bid to Halt Microsoft Work For Pentagon"

February 13, 2020
Steven L. Schooner is quoted by the Financial Times on a federal judge's ruling regarding the Defense Department's JEDI cloud contract.

"Bull Meets China Shop: Roger Stone Controversy Follows a Familiar Pattern"

February 12, 2020
Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill on the resignation of four Department of Justice trial prosecutors working on Roger Stone's case.

"Four Tips For Going Into Business With Your Life Partner"

February 11, 2020

Naomi R. Cahn writes for Fobes on what experts advise couples to consider before starting a business together.

"A $4 Million NICU Bill: The Price of Prematurity"

February 11, 2020

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted by The New York Times on how health coverage for families with babies born preterm has shrunk in the last decade.

"FTC Will Review Past Mergers By Facebook, Google and Other Big Tech Companies"

February 11, 2020
William E. Kovacic is quoted by The Washington Post on how the acquisition practices of Big Tech companies have long been the subject of scrutiny.

"FTC To Review Past Acquisitions By Tech Firms"

February 11, 2020
William E. Kovacic is quoted by The Hill on how Big Tech's challenge to the FTC's special orders in court would likely be unsuccessful.

"CU Support Of World Trade Organization Secretariat and European Bank"

February 11, 2020

Steven L. Schooner was mentioned by Bon Dia Aruba for his participation in an Arubian workshop on WTO Agreements and Government Procurement.

"Symposium: Does the President Have the Right To Fire the Director Of the CFPB Without Cause?"

February 11, 2020

Alan B. Morrison writes for SCOTUSblog on whether Congress can protect the heads of independent federal agencies from removal by the president.

"When Protecting Your Children Is a Crime"

February 10, 2020

Joan S. Meier is quoted by Dame Magazine about her research on how courts discount the risk to children in domestic violence cases.

"The Legacy of an Oscar"

February 10, 2020

W. Burlette Carter appeared on the "History This Week" podcast to discuss Hattie McDaniel's legacy and missing Oscar.

"Amazon Wants To Question Trump Over Losing $10B Contract Bid"

February 10, 2020

Steven L. Schooner is quoted by the Associated Press on how unlikely it is that President Trump will sit for a deposition for Amazon.

"Politicians Won And the Public Lost In the Impeachment Of Donald Trump"

February 08, 2020
Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill on how both Republicans and Democrats won by using political optics in the impeachment trial.

"Mitt Romney Is Exactly What the Framers Wanted In a Senator"

February 07, 2020
Jonathan Turley writes for The Washington Post on Senator Mitt Romney's conviction in casting a vote against Trump for impeachment.

"Why Congress’s Antitrust Investigation Should Make Big Tech Nervous"

February 06, 2020

William E. Kovacic is quoted by Vox on how the House probe is putting pressure on the FTC and DOJ in their own investigations of Big Tech.

"An Impeachment Trial Recap"

February 06, 2020

Jeffrey Rosen moderates a discussion on Trump's impeachment with Andrew F. Knaggs and Peter J. Smith for the We the People podcast.