In the News

"The Most Important Agency You’ve Never Heard Of"

June 13, 2016

Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr. is quoted by Washington Monthly about the Office of Financial Research.

"Encourage Responsible Islamic Voices: Give Diplomatic Status To Organization Of Islamic Cooperation"

June 13, 2016

Jonathan Turley is quoted in Forbes about actions taken by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

"The Clinton University Scandal"

June 12, 2016

Jonathan Turley is mentioned by the New York Post for his blog post about a $16.5 million payment to Bill Clinton by a for-profit university.

"GOP Senator's 'Prayer' for Obama Underscores Misplaced Hate for the Prez"

June 11, 2016

Jonathan Turley is mentioned by the New York Daily News for his blog post about a for-profit university paying Bill Clinton.

"Amicus: What Would Brandeis Do?"

June 11, 2016

Jeffrey Rosen is interviewed on Slate's "Amicus" podcast about Justice Louis Brandeis.

"'Clinton Cash' Author: Obama Endorsement of Clinton Will Have 'Chilling Effect' on FBI"

June 10, 2016

Jonathan Turley is quoted by Sinclair Broadcast Group about President Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton.

"Meet the New Digital Conglomerates: Google, Facebook, Amazon . . . and Apple?"

June 10, 2016

Lawrence Cunningham is quoted by Investor's Business Daily about how tech conglomerates can emulate Berkshire Hathaway by avoiding micromanagem

"Labor Department Faces Five Lawsuits Over Fiduciary Rule"

June 09, 2016

Richard J. Pierce, Jr. is quoted by Bloomberg BNA about judges reflecting the dominant beliefs of their regions.

"Noose Tightens on Fugitive War Criminals"

June 08, 2016

Ralph G. Steinhardt is quoted by Voice of America about cooperation between the U.S. and the body that oversees operation of the International Criminal Court.

"Linda Greenhouse And Jeffrey Rosen On The Supreme Court, Past And Present"

June 08, 2016

Jeffrey Rosen is interviewed on NPR's "The Diane Rehm Show" about the historic role of the Supreme Court in society.

"Revisiting The Tenure Of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, The 'Jewish Jefferson'"

June 07, 2016

Jeffrey Rosen is interviewed on NPR's "Fresh Air" about Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

"Restroom Guidance a Thorny Study in Administrative Law"

June 07, 2016

Richard J. Pierce, Jr. is quoted by Education Week about federal guidance regarding transgender students and restrooms.

"Meet The Maserati-Driving Deadhead Lawyer Who Stands Between Hackers And Prison"

June 06, 2016

Orin S. Kerr is quoted by BuzzFeed News about the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

"Are Americans About to Abandon Democracy?"

June 05, 2016

Neil H. Buchanan writes in Newsweek about the political atmosphere in the United States.

"Will the Constitution Protect Your Next Smartphone?"

June 03, 2016

Orin S. Kerr is quoted by The Atlantic about the types of cellphone locking protected by the Fifth Amendment.