In the News

“Why Was Officer Peter Liang Convicted?”

March 03, 2016
Stephen A. Saltzburg is quoted in The Atlantic about the trial of Peter Liang, the NYPD officer who shot a man in a public housing building.

“Free Speech, Digital Piracy Headline AAP Annual Meeting”

March 02, 2016

Catherine Ross is mentioned in Publishers Weekly for a talk she gave about free speech in schools.

“Catherine Ross: ‘Freedom of Speech is the Engine Oil of Democracy’”

March 01, 2016

Catherine Ross is interviewed by the National Coalition Against Censorship about her scholarship on freedom of speech in schools.

“Antonin Scalia — A Justice in Full”

February 29, 2016

Bradford R. Clark, a former clerk for Antonin Scalia, writes in National Review about the mind and character of the Justice.

“Some Doubt Trump's Claims About Tax Returns”

February 29, 2016

Neil H. Buchanan is quoted by Tax Notes about Donald Trump’s claims that he is unable to release tax returns while under audit.

“‘This is No Small Thing’: What’s Really at Stake in the Apple Encryption Debate”

February 28, 2016

Orin S. Kerr is mentioned in Salon for his analysis of the conflict between Apple and the FBI.

"It's Christmas Eve for Value Investors!"

February 26, 2016

Lawrence Cunningham is quoted in Marketplace on why Warren Buffett is so widely followed.

“What Apple vs. FBI is NOT About”

February 25, 2016

Orin S. Kerr is mentioned by the San Francisco Chronicle about his written comments on the conflict between Apple and the FBI.

“How the First Black Oscar Winner Dealt with Being Segregated from White Gone with the Wind Co-stars at Academy Awards”

February 25, 2016

W. Burlette Carter is quoted in The Daily Mail about the first black winner of an Academy Award.

“Judge Says There Isn’t a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy When Using Anonymity Service Tor”

February 25, 2016

Orin S. Kerr is mentioned by Slate in an article about the reasonable expectation of privacy and Tor usage.

“Banks Love Fed's Too-Big-To-Fail Plan, If They Can Change It”

February 23, 2016

Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr. is quoted by Bloomberg Business about the Fed’s “Total Loss-Absorbing Capacity” proposal.

“Do You Need to Control Your Online Identity After Your Death?”

February 22, 2016

Naomi Cahn is quoted by Observer about controlling online identities after death.

“Kanawha Sheriff's Rejection Rate Low for Concealed Carry Applications”

February 21, 2016

Robert J. Cottrol is quoted in the Charleston Gazette-Mail about the history of U.S. gun laws.

“Scalia's Absence to be Felt as U.S. Supreme Court Returns”

February 21, 2016

Orin S. Kerr is quoted by WSAU-FM about what Justice Scalia’s absence will mean when the Supreme Court returns.