In the News

"VCU Health Halts 30-Year Campaign That Seized Patients' Wages, Put Liens Against Homes"

March 09, 2020

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted by Kaiser Health News about a nonprofit health system's efforts to reduce aggressive bill collection. 

"Viewpoint: What Bernie Sanders Has That Joe Biden Doesn't"

March 09, 2020

Jonathan Turley writes for BBC News about the strength of the youth movement created by Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

"Delegation, Time, and Congressional Capacity"

March 09, 2020
Richard J. Pierce, Jr. writes in The Regulatory Review about how President Trump has applied delegations of power that Congress would not approve.

"How the Media Ignores Pattern of Democratic Attacks on the Courts"

March 07, 2020

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about how the media has largely ignored Democratic attacks on the Supreme Court.

"White House Proposal Attracts Comments from Trump Fans"

March 06, 2020
Richard J. Pierce, Jr. is quoted by E&E News about the White House using public comments as the basis for an executive order on deregulation.

"The Supreme Court Hears a Stealth Attack on Abortion Rights"

March 04, 2020

Sonia M. Suter is quoted by Bloomberg Businessweek on whether abortion providers are entitled to challenge abortion laws.

"Where Are All The Women Leaders?"

March 03, 2020

Naomi R. Cahn writes for Forbes on how a culture of overwork holds women back from top-level positions.

"Chief Justice John Roberts Heading Down Collision Course with Himself"

March 03, 2020

Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill on two upcoming decisions that could define Chief Justice John Roberts and the Supreme Court.

"Where Are All The Women Leaders?"

March 03, 2020

Naomi Schoenbaum is quoted by Forbes on how both men and women lose out on family time when they work long hours.

"Democrats Are Trying to Make Coronavirus Care Free for Patients"

March 03, 2020

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted by Vox on why the US government should have Medicaid cover coronavirus care.

"INSIGHT: The Fate of Nationwide Injunctions—Don’t Expect the Supreme Court to Resolve It"

March 02, 2020
Alan B. Morrison writes for Bloomberg on how SCOTUS is unlikely to resolve the Trump administration's concern with the overuse of injunctions.

"New Health Care Rule Draws Scrutiny During Coronavirus Scare"

March 02, 2020

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted by Newsday on the fear that immigrants will avoid health care for the coronavirus because of the new Medicaid rules.

"For a Change of Heart, Would-Be Egg Donors Face Threats and Bills"

March 01, 2020

Naomi R. Cahn is quoted by Salon on how little oversight there is for egg donation consent in the US.

"Congress Hits Rock Bottom in Losing to the President in Subpoena Ruling"

February 29, 2020

Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill on how a recent ruling in favor of the Trump administration hurts Congress' authority.

"Growing Concerns of Coronavirus Should Spur Plans – Not Panic – in the Workplace"

February 28, 2020

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted by Kaiser Health News on how workplaces must be careful not to discriminate in their coronavirus preparation policies.