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"Biden, Son Could be Forced to Testify in Trump Impeachment Trial"

October 07, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by The Washington Times on how Joe Biden and his son will most likely have to testify at trial.

"The Trump Administration Has Figured out How to Get Rid of Federal Workers Without Firing Them"

October 07, 2019

David Fontana is quoted by Mother Jones on how decentralizing the federal government could hurt more than help.

"Gaming Out Political Impacts of Impeachment Probe"

October 07, 2019

Paul Schiff Berman is quoted by Voice of America on the historical significance of the abuse of power claims against President Trump.

"One of the Most Politically Volatile Terms in Years Tests John Roberts and the Supreme Court"

October 06, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by The Washington Post on the significance of Roberts' ruling in a Louisiana abortion case.

"Joe Biden Goes on Attack Against Trump’s 'Flat-out Lies'"

October 06, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by the Financial Times on claims Hunter Biden benefited in business dealings because of his father.

"Casual or Cowardly? Pelosi Takes Dangerous Road to Impeachment."

October 05, 2019
Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill on how avoiding a full House vote on impeachment robs the legitimacy and substance of a full-body vote.

"Insight: Trump Violation Puts Spotlight on Impoundment Control Act"

October 04, 2019
Alan B. Morrison writes for Bloomberg Law about how President Trump violated the law by failing to notify Congress about withholding monies from Ukraine.

"Impeachment Battle Fuels Sharp Partisan Divide"

October 04, 2019

Paul Schiff Berman is quoted by VOA about the allegations against President Trump regarding his phone call with the Ukrainian President.

"Trump’s Decision to Hamstring California’s Climate Authority Is Illogical and Uninformed"

October 04, 2019
Robert L. Glicksman writes for The Revelator about President Trump's decision to revoke California's ability to set strict air-pollution standards.

"Here's What You Need to Know About Twitter Removing That Nickelback Music Video President Trump Used"

October 03, 2019

Robert Brauneis is quoted in Time about a copyright challenge President Trump faces for posting a doctored music video on his Twitter page.

"Can CBD Get You Fired Even Though It's Legal?"

October 03, 2019

Peter H. Meyers is quoted by Sinclair Broadcast Group about how individuals using CBD can be fired from their jobs for violating federal law.

"By His Count, Washington Attorney General Hasn’t Lost a Case Against Trump Yet"

October 02, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by the Los Angeles Times on the large number of cases being brought by the states against Trump.

"Analysts Talk Impeachment Inquiry & What's Next"

October 02, 2019

Paul Schiff Berman appeared on Lilly Broadcasting to discuss what Democrats would need to prove Trump committed an abuse of power.

"Jury Awards $27 Million to Massachusetts Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder"

October 02, 2019

Jeffrey S. Gutman is quoted by NPR on how fewer than half of exonerees file a civil lawsuit and out of those individuals only half win any money.

"Federalist Society Discussion on New 2019 Supreme Court Term"

October 02, 2019

Robert J. Cottrol discussed important upcoming cases on the SCOTUS docket for a Federalist Society panel on C-SPAN.