In the News

"D.C. Police Chief: Heller Decision 'Didn't Really Have An Impact On Gun Violence In Our City'"

June 26, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted in DCist on whether D.C. can establish constitutionally permissible control on guns.

"Does the Supreme Court Have a Double Standard on Religion?"

June 26, 2018

Ira C. Lupu is quoted by CNN about the differences between the Masterpiece Cakeshop case and the legal dispute over Trump's travel ban.

"Could a DC Restaurant Legally Refuse Service to Sarah Sanders or Another Trump Official?"

June 25, 2018

Michael Selmi is quoted in Washingtonian about the outcomes of a D.C. restaurant removing a Trump administration official.

"Planning Now for Later"

June 25, 2018

Naomi R. Cahn writes in Forbes about the importance of long-term planning for financial and personal needs.

"Kentucky Is Taking Medicaid Expansion Hostage to Win Its Work Requirements Lawsuit"

June 25, 2018

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted in Vox about the possibility of Kentucky ending its Medicaid expansions.

"New State Law Seeks to Stop 'Stalking By Way of the Courts'"

June 25, 2018

Joan S. Meier is quoted in the Associated Press on how there is a real problem in family courts with judges not believing the victims.

"Trump Aides Urged to Get a Gun"

June 25, 2018

John F. Banzhaf III is quoted in the Washington Examiner on why Trump aides may want to consider applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon.

"NO: Work Requirements Are Unnecessary and Harmful to Users"

June 24, 2018

Sara Rosenbaum writes in The Wall Street Journal about the three reasons why Medicaid work requirements are wrong.

"Analysts: Legal Hurdles for Donald Trump's Separation Policy"

June 24, 2018

John F. Banzhaf III is quoted in Newsday about the likelihood of a federal court judge agreeing to changes in the Flores settlement.

"Documents Raise Questions about St. Louis Economic Development Partnership Bidding Procedures"

June 23, 2018

Jessica Tillipman is quoted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the communication between John Rallo's group and Sheila Sweeney.

"Why Are Disgraced Execs Keeping Board Seats?"

June 22, 2018

Lawrence A. Cunningham is quoted in the Financial Times's Agenda Service that corporate officials embroiled in scandal should resign.

"In Memory of Charles Krauthammer, an American Genius and Dear Friend"

June 22, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about the passing of Charles Krauthammer.

"Letter: Dads Aren't Disadvantaged in Custody Battles"

June 22, 2018

Joan S. Meier writes in the Chicago Tribune and explains that fathers win custody in court more often than mothers.

"Justice Department Reviewing Conduct of Paralegal Who Chased Kirstjen Nielsen from Restaurant"

June 21, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted in the Washington Examiner about the legality of a protest led by paralegal specialist Allison Hrabar.

"Trump's Immigration Reversal Creates Its Own Chaos"

June 21, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted by CNN about a 1997 consent agreement that stipulates that children can be kept in detention only for 20 days.