In the News

"How Paul Manafort Could Put the FBI on Trial"

April 08, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted in Politico on how Manafort may be hoping to win a pardon.

"Death Row Inmate Taking Alabama to Federal Court Over Second Attempt to Execute Him"

April 07, 2018

Phyllis Goldfarb is quoted by the Associated Press about the double jeopardy clause.

"In A Border Region Where Immigrants Are Wary, A Health Center Travels To Its Patients"

April 06, 2018

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted by NPR about the health issues at stake regarding a new telehealth program.

"Roger Stone's WikiLeaks Statement is Still Not Enough to Charge Trump"

April 06, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about the allegations surrounding Mr. Stone.

"Mueller Will Navigate Uncharted Waters When Wrapping Russia Probe, Legal Experts Say"

April 05, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted by ABC News about calling for a full accounting of Mueller's findings.

"Just Security's Symposium on the ICC Afghanistan Probe and the US"

April 05, 2018

Laura A. Dickinson writes in Just Security about the symposium she convened on the ICC Afghanistan investigation and the United States.

"Europe is Trying to Force Facebook to Take Customers' Privacy Seriously"

April 05, 2018

William E. Kovacic is quoted in Vox on how Europe is leading global policy on privacy and data protection.

"When Will the Media Accept That Trump is Not a Criminal Target?"

April 04, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill on the significance of the Mueller disclosure that Trump is not a target in his investigation.

"Facebook Leak Puts US Regulator's Reputation in Play"

April 03, 2018

William E. Kovacic is quoted in the Financial Times about Facebook's 2011 settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.

"Is Sessions Appointing a Federal Prosecutor the Right Move?"

April 02, 2018

Jonathan Turley speaks to Fox News on why a federal prosecutor is much better for President Trump than a second special counsel.

"The Curious Case of Andrew McCabe's Legal Defense Fund"

April 02, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill on the McCabe legal defense fund and the timing of raising money before the report is released.

"New Book Features Essays on Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Shareholder Meetings"

April 01, 2018

Lawrence A. Cunningham is mentioned in the Omaha World-Herald about his book on Buffett.

"Passing Law to Prevent Trump from Firing Mueller Would Be Terrible Idea"

March 31, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about the proposed legislation to protect Robert Mueller from being fired by President Trump.

"Could Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Get Disbarred Thanks to Stormy Daniels?"

March 31, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted in the Washington Examiner about Cohen's conduct and reputation.