In the News

“'White Middle-Class Studies' Needed to Understand Trump Voters, Law Professor Says"

July 05, 2017

John F. Banzhaf III is quoted in The Washington Times about the appeal President Trump has on millions to Americans.

"CNN in Odd Role as Censor: Network Threatens Free Speech Over Trump Wrestling Video"

July 05, 2017

Jonathan Turley writes in USA Today about CNN's threat against the man responsible for the Trump wrestling video.

"Is Trump's Financial Misconduct Impeachable?"

July 04, 2017

Catherine J. Ross is interviewed by the Young Turks about calls for President Trump's impeachment.

"Evangelical Christians, Catholics Increasingly Rely on Federal Courts to Protect Religious Liberties"

July 04, 2017

Robert W. Tuttle is quoted by The Washington Times about the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.

"Constitutional Scholars: 25th Amendment Talk 'Premature,' Unrealistic"

July 04, 2017

Jonathan Turley is quoted by CNN on the 25th amendment's historical use in cases of physical incapacitation.

"Mueller's All-Star Legal Team in Russia Probe Signals Direction of Investigation"

July 04, 2017

Jonathan Turley is quoted by The Washington Times about the 12 lawyers who will look into Russian meddling of the 2016 election. 

"Louisiana Considers Radical Step to Counter High Drug Prices: Federal Intervention"

July 03, 2017

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted in The Washington Post about Rebekah Gee's move to get treatment to the thousands of Louisiana residents who need it.

"When Kennedy Retires Is Key to His Legacy — And to Trump's"

July 03, 2017

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement and a new report that says he may retire in Oct. 2018.

"Warren Watch: Bank of America Investment to Reap $12 Billion"

July 02, 2017

Lawrence A. Cunningham is quoted in the Omaha World Herald about how Berkshire will continue to invest beyond U.S. borders.

"Microsoft, Trump Administration Clash Over Email Searches"

July 02, 2017

Orin S. Kerr is quoted by the Associated Press about a case involving a Microsoft email account and how it was allegedly used for drug trafficking.

"Supreme Court Blockbusters: Gorsuch Addition Will Bring on Bigger Cases"

July 02, 2017

Robert W. Tuttle is quoted in The Washington Times about the Supreme Court's docket and a review of the just-concluded term.

"CNN Caved to Trump. It Should Have Stood By Its Reporters."

July 02, 2017

Paul Schiff Berman writes in USA Today about the aftermath of the recent resignations of a reporter and two editors on CNN's Investigations team.

"Yelp's Six-Year Grudge Against Google"

July 01, 2017

William E. Kovacic is quoted in The New York Times about how Google must be careful with how it treats competitors throughout the search engine.

"Obamacare Has Problems. The Senate Health Care Bill Doesn't Solve Them, Experts Say"

June 30, 2017

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted by NPR about the fundamental problem with the health care system in the United States.

"Fed Stress Tests Give $1.6bn Boost to Buffett"

June 30, 2017

Lawrence A. Cunningham is quoted in the Financial Times about how stress tests vindicate Mr. Buffett on banks.