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"Is It An Impeachable Offense If There's No Quid Pro Quo Between Trump and Ukraine?"

September 25, 2019

John F. Banzhaf III discussed on FOX News Channel's "Your World With Neil Cavuto" what constitutes an impeachable offense.

"Trump's Ukraine Transcript: Unwise Words But No Proof of a Crime"

September 25, 2019
Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill on the lack of incriminating evidence in the transcript between Trump and Zelensky.

"How War Made the Cigarette"

September 25, 2019
John F. Banzhaf III is mentioned by the New Republic on his role in convincing the government to require tobacco companies to run ads in prime time.

"Why Consumers Are Claiming Positive Drug Test Results After Using CBD Oil"

September 24, 2019

Peter H. Meyers is quoted by WJLA-ABC7 on the need for FDA regulation of CBD oil to clear up contradictory state and federal laws.

"House's Move Toward Impeachment Leaves Gaping Questions About the Road Ahead"

September 24, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by The Washington Post on contradictions in the formal impeachment announcement of President Trump.

"JD + Practice Ready"

September 23, 2019

Christopher A. Bracey is quoted by the District of Columbia Bar's Washington Lawyer on the Fundamentals of Lawyering course.

"What Victims’ Families Think of the Whitey Bulger Wrongful Death Claim"

September 23, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by The New York Times on how the wrongful death claim for the former gangster should be explored.

"Why The Gender Pay Gap Took Center Stage In Michelle Williams’s Emmy Speech"

September 23, 2019

Naomi R. Cahn writes for Forbes on the gender pay gap between Latina, Native American, African American, and Asian American women and white men.

"HBCU Pre-Law Summit Prepares Students for Law School"

September 22, 2019
Alfreda Robinson is quoted by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education on her remarks to students on the importance of pursuing legal education.

"Ukraine Could Badly Damage Both Donald Trump and the Democrats"

September 21, 2019

Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill on the serious nature of the latest allegations against President Trump.

"Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani Speaks Out About Whistleblower Complaint"

September 20, 2019

Jonathan Turley appeared on NPR's Morning Edition to discuss a whistleblower complaint against President Trump.

"Why Some Banks Are Ditching Their State Regulators"

September 17, 2019

Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr. is quoted by The Wall Street Journal on how the OCC is championing deregulation in banking.

"Purdue Pharma Responds to Wave of Opioids Litigation by Filing for Bankruptcy. What Happens Now?"

September 17, 2019

Peter H. Meyers is quoted by Time on how money from opioid settlement cases will be distributed to states, counties, and cities.

"How to Make DC a State: Just Change the Rules in the Senate. That's the New Strategy for Some DC Advocates."

September 17, 2019

Alan B. Morrison appeared on WUSA-CBS9 to discuss the impact of eliminating the filibuster rule.

"Fatal Court"

September 17, 2019

Joan S. Meier is quoted by Deseret News about the high rate of mothers losing custody of their children when alleging abuse in family court.