In the News

"Trump Offers to Meet with Mueller, But is it Too Late for Damage Control?"

March 12, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about the reported Trump offer for an interview in return for conditions on Mr. Mueller.

"Report: Trump Team Weighs Trying to Block '60 Minutes' Stormy Interview"

March 12, 2018

John F. Banzhaf III is quoted in Broadcasting & Cable about an injunction threat against CBS's "60 Minutes."

"Trump Moves to Ban Bump Stocks Through Justice Department Regulation"

March 11, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the idea of banning bump stocks.

"EU Can Retaliate Immediately Against Trump's Metal Tariffs"

March 09, 2018

Steve Charnovitz writes in the International Economic Law and Policy Blog about the proposed Section 232 actions against steel and aluminum.

"Analysis: The President's Hotel Donation Ruse"

March 09, 2018

Steven L. Schooner co-writes in Government Executive about the issue with foreign governments spending money at Trump hotels.

"Trump Administration Studies Seeking the Death Penalty for Drug Dealers"

March 09, 2018

Peter H. Meyers is quoted in The Washington Post about the idea of adding more capital crimes for drug dealers.

"Trump Faces Trouble If He Tries to Keep Porn Star Stormy Daniels Silent, Legal Experts Say"

March 08, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted in USA Today about Trump's legal predicament involving Ms. Daniels.

"Turley: 'Problematic' If Trump Has Been Talking to Witnesses in the Mueller Probe"

March 07, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted by Fox News about the breaking NYT report that Trump has discussed Mueller probe matters with witnesses.

"GOP Seeking Carve-Out to Speed WOTUS Repeal"

March 06, 2018

Emily Hammond is quoted in Politico Pro about the poison pill rider the GOP is trying to include in the FY 2018 federal omnibus spending bill.

"If Andrew McCabe Lied, Could He Be Charged Like Michael Flynn?"

March 05, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about the report in which the DOJ inspector general concluded that Mr. McCabe misled its investigators.

"Zions Could Open Doors for SIFI Banks to Escape 'Hotel California'"

March 05, 2018

Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr. is quoted in S&P Global on how the FDIC could face more responsibility monitoring financial stability.

"President Trump's 'Take the Guns First' Remark Sparks Due Process Debate"

March 03, 2018

John F. Banzhaf, III is quoted in Time about the constitutionality of confiscating firearms without a court's approval.

"Purging Russian Bots and Trolls from Politics May Backfire"

March 02, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about how increasing regulation could significantly curtail free speech on the internet.

"The Incredible True Story of the Oscar Everyone Thought Had Literally Been Stolen"

March 02, 2018

W. Burlette Carter is mentioned in Mother Jones for her research into the whereabouts of Hattie McDaniel's Oscar.