In the News

"Scoring Perry's Tenure"

November 27, 2019

Jessica Tillipman is quoted by Politico in their Morning Energy Roundup newsletter on US Energy Secretary Rick Perry's political reputation.

"Trump Impeachment: White House Aides Can be Made to Testify"

November 26, 2019

Jonathan Turley writes for BBC News on a federal judge's ruling that compels White House aides to testify against Trump.

"Insight: Supreme Court Should Stay Away from Trump Tax Return Cases"

November 26, 2019

Alan B. Morrison writes for Bloomberg Tax why the Supreme Court should deny requests to quash subpoenas for Trump's tax returns. 

"How Devin Nunes Lawsuit Threat Undermines Donald Trump's Impeachment Defense"

November 26, 2019

Jonathan Turley writes for USA Today on how Nunes' threat to sue news organizations is damaging Trump's case.

"Trump's Impeachment Hinges on 'National Interest,' Legal Scholars Say"

November 25, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted in The Washington Times about how the impeachment case against Trump depends on the definition of bribery.

"How Democrats Can Build a Better Case to Impeach President Trump"

November 25, 2019
Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill how the Democrats' impeachment case lacks evidence of a quid pro quo on military aid to Ukraine.

"Charles Schwab Just Broke One of Warren Buffett's Biggest Rules About Acquisitions"

November 25, 2019

Lawrence A. Cunningham is quoted by CNBC about Warren Buffett's belief that companies should not use their shares to make acquisitions.

"Declaring a Presidential Emergency on the Climate Is a Dangerous Idea"

November 24, 2019

Richard J. Pierce, Jr. is quoted by HuffPost about the dangers of a president taking action on an emergency basis.

"A Case for Impeaching All Living Presidents of the United States"

November 23, 2019

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about how the impeachment case against President Trump seems designed to fail.

"You Only Want the Good Stocks in the Index"

November 22, 2019

Lawrence A. Cunningham is quoted in Bloomberg Opinion about the concept of quality shareholder voting.

"SCOTUS Has the 2nd Amendment in Its Sights—And Gun Groups Are Thrilled"

November 20, 2019

Robert J. Cottrol is quoted by Quartz on how a gun case out of New York City could be the most consequential gun rights case in a decade.

"Democrats Seek to Redefine Crimes to Reframe the Trump Impeachment"

November 20, 2019

Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill on the Democrats' charge of bribery, extortion, and obstruction against Trump.

"Congress Should Weigh Arthrex 'Fix', House Democrat Says"

November 19, 2019

John M. Whealan is quoted by Bloomberg Law on how lawmakers should consider whether PTAB proceedings are functioning as Congress intended.

"Prince Andrew: KPMG Ends Sponsorship of Royal's Scheme"

November 18, 2019

Jonathan Turley is quoted by BBC News on if Prince Andrew would receive a legal summons if he travels to the US.

"Is the Supreme Court’s Fate in Elena Kagan’s Hands?"

November 18, 2019

David Fontana is quoted by the New Yorker on how some decisions Justice Kagan has made legitimate a conservative perspective.