In the News

“Cunningham: Culture of Autonomy Makes Berkshire’s Size More Strength than Weakness”

April 30, 2016

Lawrence Cunningham pens an annual op-ed for the Omaha World-Herald explaining why even populists might applaud the vast scale of Berkshire Hathaway.

“Warren Buffett Approves Every Title This Independent Book Store Sells at the Berkshire Hathaway Meeting”

April 30, 2016

Lawrence Cunningham comments in Quartz on how Berkshire Hathaway's annual meetings increases sales of books about the conglomerate.

“Flint Water Case Challenges Prosecutors”

April 28, 2016

Jonathan Turley writes in USA Today about the Flint water scandal.

“Legal Void Allows Post-Mortem Sperm Extraction”

April 27, 2016

Naomi R. Cahn is interviewed by Southern California Public Radio about the ethics of post-mortem sperm extraction.

“Ransomware Hackers Blackmail U.S. Police Departments”

April 26, 2016

Stephen A. Saltzburg is quoted by NBC News about whether ransomware cases taint evidence.

“Was Andrew Jackson the Only U.S. President to Bring National Debt to Zero?”

April 21, 2016

Neil H. Buchanan is quoted by PolitiFact about Andrew Jackson’s management of the national debt.

“Senate Hearing Trains Spotlight on FCC Process”

April 20, 2016

Jonathan Turley is mentioned by Broadcasting and Cable for his testimony before The Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee.

“Panel: Money Keeps Animals on Endangered Species List”

April 20, 2016

Robert L. Glicksman is quoted in The Washington Examiner about the Endangered Species Act.

“Liberal Biases, Too, May Block Progress on Climate Change”

April 19, 2016

Donald Braman is mentioned by The New York Times for his research on “Cultural Cognition of Scientific Consensus.”

“Saudi Arabia is Threatening to Sell $750 Billion in U.S. Assets. Talk About an Empty Threat.”

April 18, 2016

Jonathan Turley is quoted by the Los Angeles Times about Saudi Arabia’s threat to sell $750 billion in U.S. assets.

"Microsoft Sues Government for Secret Searches"

April 14, 2016

Orin Kerr is quoted by CNN about Fourth Amendment rights and email searches. 

“What a Minnesota Poaching Case Says About the 4th Amendment and GPS”

April 13, 2016

Orin S. Kerr is quoted in The Christian Science Monitor about the Supreme Court case on GPS and the Fourth Amendment, United States v.

“Utah’s Polygamy Ban Restored in Big Defeat for ‘Sister Wives’”

April 12, 2016

Jonathan Turley is mentioned in The Washington Post for representing the “Sister Wives” family.