In the News

"'Where Is the Collusion?' Answers to All Your Questions About the Russia Investigation"

August 31, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted in the Los Angeles Times about the disconnect between media commentary and the criminal code.

"Generation of Sicker Kids Feared Under Immigration Proposal"

August 30, 2018

Sara Rosenbaum is quoted in Bloomberg BNA about America's pediatric care system and the Trump administration's immigration proposal.

"Trump Makes Wise Move to Find Fresh New White House Counsel"

August 30, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill on why this might not be a bad time for White House counsel Don McGahn to depart.

"Warren Buffett On the Best Birthday Present a Billionaire Can Ever Get: Luck"

August 30, 2018

Lawrence A. Cunningham is quoted in CNBC about Harvard philosopher John Rawls's treatise on how to create a just society.

"Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board Violates the Law, Advocacy Group Argues In New Filing"

August 30, 2018

Robert W. Tuttle is quoted in The Washington Post on why Donald Trump's evangelical advisory board would not have legal standing under FACA.

"Where Does Kavanaugh See the Limits of Executive Power?"

August 28, 2018

Jonathan Turley speaks to PBS about Brett Kavanaugh's record on executive power.

"Lanny Davis Is More Proof 2018 Is Year of Lawyers Living Dangerously"

August 28, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about the admission by Michael Cohen's lawyer about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians.

"IG, GSA Administrator Butt Heads Over Testimony on FBI Headquarters"

August 28, 2018

Steven L. Schooner is quoted in Federal News Radio about the release of a strongly worded IG report about the fate of the FBI headquarters.

"Trump's Administration Has an Unending War on Medicaid"

August 27, 2018

Sara Rosenbaum writes in The Hill about the latest in the effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

"When It Comes to Presidential Wrongdoing, the Remedy Is Often Political"

August 25, 2018

Paul Schiff Berman is quoted in VOA about Donald Trump and whether a sitting president can be indicted for criminal wrongdoing.

"Trump Org. CFO's Immunity Deal is New Problem for Trump"

August 25, 2018

Jonathan Turley is quoted in The Hill about what it means for Allen Weisselberg to be granted immunity.

"Can Papa John's End This Pizza War Without Everyone Getting Burned?"

August 24, 2018

Lawrence A. Cunningham is quoted in The Courier-Journal about the impasse between the pizza chain and its founder.

"Michael Cohen and Lanny Davis Latest to 'Sell' Scandal Testimony"

August 24, 2018

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about the latest GoFundMe campaigns that can hurt or help Donald Trump.

"What Are the Legal Implications of a Possible Manafort Pardon?"

August 23, 2018
Jonathan Turley speaks to WBUR's "Here and Now" about the possibility of a pardon for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

"Executive Power: Laws and Limits"

August 23, 2018

Jeffrey Rosen speaks to WAMU's "1A" about the legal developments and rulings in the cases of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.