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"Huawei Backdoors Found by Vodafone, Risking Unauthorized Access to Network"

April 30, 2019
Donald C. Clarke is quoted in Forbes about his research regarding claims by Chinese tech giant Huawei that the company is employee-owned.

"Only One Way with Huawei - Don't Let It Control 5G"

April 30, 2019
Donald C. Clarke is mentioned in The Hill for his paper concluding heavy government involvement with Chinese telecom company Huawei.

"Trump Drive to Boost Fossil Fuels Hits a Wall in Federal Courts"

April 29, 2019

Robert L. Glicksman is quoted by Bloomberg News about Trump's setbacks in fulfilling campaign pledges on oil drilling and coal mining.

"Battle Over Subpoenas Escalates Between Trump, Democrats"

April 29, 2019
Paul Schiff Berman is quoted in Voice of America about the Trump administration's effort to fight subpoenas and information requests from lawmakers.

"Democrats Blast Attorney General William Barr, Calling Him Trump's 'Paid Federal Public Defender'"

April 29, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted in the Los Angeles Times about whether Barr acted as an advocate for Trump rather than an impartial attorney general.

"Who Controls Huawei? Chinese Telecom Leader's Ownership Structure Explained in More Detail"

April 29, 2019
Donald C. Clarke is mentioned in the South China Morning Post for his co-authored research paper questioning Huawei Technologies' independence.

"Dems Raise Prejudice Concerns with Pledges Against Male Running Mates"

April 27, 2019
Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about how calls for diversity during this campaign season can become calls for discrimination.

"How Democrats Could Fight the Administration's Executive Privilege Claims"

April 26, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted in The Wall Street Journal about why impeachment provides a justification for complying with a congressional subpoena.

"Who Owns Huawei? The Company Tried to Explain. It Got Complicated."

April 25, 2019

Donald C. Clarke is mentioned in The New York Times for his co-authored report on ownership of Chinese tech giant Huawei. 

"'George Zimmerman on Steroids:' How 'Armed' Militias Roam the Border in Legal Grey Areas"

April 25, 2019

Jonathan Turley is quoted in The Washington Post about the legal grey areas in which self-described militias can operate. 

"Democrats Are Playing Voters on Their Fantasies For Impeachment"

April 25, 2019

Jonathan Turley writes in The Hill about why the Democrats are key allies in slowing down impeachment.

"A Record FTC Fine Won't Fix Facebook, Privacy Experts Say"

April 25, 2019
William E. Kovacic is quoted in Consumer Reports about how a fine against Facebook may not improve how it collects and uses data.

"Trump Says He Would Challenge Impeachment Proceedings in the Supreme Court"

April 24, 2019

Jonathan Turley is quoted by CBS News about how Trump may ask the Supreme Court to rule on the legality of impeachment. 

"Trump Effort to Stonewall Faces Thorny Legal Challenge"

April 24, 2019

Jonathan Turley is quoted in The Hill about Trump's attempt to prevent former White House aides from testifying before Congress.