In the News

"Vaccine Injury Claims Are Few and Far Between"

June 18, 2019

Renée Gentry is quoted by The New York Times on the process of receiving compensation for vaccine-related injuries.

"Virginia Democrats Could Gain Seats After High Court Ruling (1)"

June 17, 2019

Alan B. Morrison is quoted by Bloomberg Law on what effect a Supreme Court ruling on racial gerrymandering could have on upcoming elections.

"Opinion Analysis: Virginia’s Moratorium On Uranium Mining Is Not Pre-empted, But the Role Of Legislative Purpose Remains Open For Debate"

June 17, 2019

Emily Hammond writes for SCOTUSblog about a recent ruling involving the role of state legislative purpose in pre-emption analysis.

"Supreme Court Issues First Of 4 Gerrymandering Rulings"

June 17, 2019

Alan B. Morrison is quoted by Nexstar Media Group on the broader implications of upcoming gerrymandering cases in Maryland and North Carolina.

"After Losing a Similar Case, BLM Sued Again Over Climate Impacts Of Oil And Gas Leases"

June 14, 2019
Robert L. Glicksman is quoted by DeSmog on how courts are handling challenges to oil and gas leases on public land from the Interior Department.

"Ex-FTC Chief: Elizabeth Warren Right To Worry About Big Tech Power But Wrong To Seek Break Up"

June 14, 2019
William E. Kovacic appeared on CNBC to discuss how the best solution to reigning in Big Tech is a compromise between Republicans and Democrats.

"Prison Reform Needs To Start With Fixing Probation, Parole"

June 13, 2019

Kate Weisburd writes for Bloomberg Law on how probation and parole reforms should include less time and fewer restrictions.

"What Is the Hatch Act? Explaining the Kellyanne Conway Dispute"

June 13, 2019

Jonathan Turley is quoted by The New York Times on how likely the White House is to comply with the Hatch Act violations against Conway.

“The Electoral College May Not Actually Help Smaller States"

June 12, 2019

John F. Banzhaf III is mentioned by Bloomberg about his work involving the voting-power theory and the Electoral College in the 1960s.

“In Pat Cipollone, Trump Finds A Lawyer He Likes"

June 12, 2019
Jonathan Turley is quoted by Politico about Cipollone's strategy to prolong investigations into the president long enough to bypass the election.

"4 Questions Hovering Over the Raytheon-United Technologies Deal to Create a Defense Giant"

June 11, 2019

William E. Kovacic is quoted by The New York Times about how the government should be concerned the merger will result in less innovation.

"SCOTUS To Whistleblowers: Ignore Your Company, Go Directly To the Government"

June 11, 2019
Jessica Tillipman writes for The FCPA Blog about how individuals are now encouraged to report to the SEC first for anti-retaliation protection.

"Elaine Chao And Mitch McConnell’s Potential Conflict Of Interest, Explained"

June 11, 2019

Jessica Tillipman is quoted by Vox about how more incriminating evidence against Chao and McConnell is needed before taking action.

"Justice Department To Give House Panel Some Russia Probe Evidence"

June 11, 2019
Jonathan Turley appeared on NPR's "Morning Edition" to discuss a deal between the Justice Department and House Democrats over the Mueller report.

“John Dean Comparisons Of Nixon And Trump Are Bad History Lesson"

June 11, 2019
Jonathan Turley writes for The Hill about John Dean's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on the similarities between Nixon and Trump.