Intellectual Property Law

The George Washington University Law School has been a leader in intellectual property education and scholarship for more than a hundred years. When GW Law established a Master's of Patent Law program in 1895, its alumni had already written the patents for Bell's telephone, Mergenthaler's linotype machine, and Eastman's roll film camera, among hundreds of other inventions, and dozens more alumni had worked in the Patent Office. Over the intervening century, GW Law has bolstered its expertise in patent law with complementary strengths in copyright, trademark, communications, computer and internet regulation, electronic commerce, and genetics and medicine.


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Faculty in the News

"Defeated Virginia candidate whose explicit videos surfaced says she may not be done with politics"

The Associated Press quoted Mary Anne Franks on the legalities surrounding  revenge porn, specifically in politics.

"Trump to test the limits of the First Amendment at high-stakes hearing over gag order constitutionality"

CNN quoted Catherine Ross over the Trump’s gag order and the current appeal claims.

Spectrum News | Paul Schiff Berman - November 21, 2023

Spectrum News spoke to Paul Schiff Berman, the Walter S. Cox Professor of Law, about the future of the Voting Rights Act.

"Haley walks back declaration that all social media users must be verified"

The Washington Post quoted Mary Anne Franks on who and what type of speech the U.S. government and private practices can establish around free speech.

"NLRB’s Joint Employer Rule Triggers ‘Mess’ Over Court Review"

Bloomberg Law News quoted Richard Pierce in the steps the Supreme Court will likely take in the National Labor Relations Board’s rule on joint employment.