LLM in Government Procurement and Environmental Law

A minimum of 16 credit hours from the following courses is required. For U.S. law school graduates, this requirement must include 4 credits graded on the basis of research paper. This typically entails completion of Thesis (6690-91) or two research papers, each of which is written in connection with a separate 2-credit course. For non-U.S. law school graduates, completion of 2 credits graded on the basis of a single research paper or Thesis (6690-91) is required. Any research paper must be at least 8,000 words in length, and U.S. law school graduates must achieve a minimum grade of B+. For students who choose to write a thesis, Thesis (6690-91) and a minimum of 12 credits in the field of study are required. Students are encouraged to write a thesis.


Air Pollution Control (6432)

Water Pollution Control (6434)

Control of Solid and Hazardous Wastes (RCRA & CERCLA) (6442)

Formation of Government Contracts (6502)

Performance of Government Contracts (6503)

Government Contracts Cost and Pricing (6506)