Munich Summer Program Housing & Travel


Students in the program are responsible for finding their own accommodations. Housing in Munich can be very expensive, and students are encouraged to make arrangements as far in advance as possible. Housing and food in Munich for the two-week duration of the program could easily cost $900 - $1250, and more. Prices below are quoted in Euros; for currency conversion see, for example, the Universal Currency Converter. Students recommend the Ruby Lilly hotel chain, as a cost-effective and well-located option.  

In addition to this and other hotels, there are a number of rental agencies in Munich that broker short-term rentals of private rooms and apartments. We strongly encourage you to try these, because prices are likely to be substantially lower than those at a hotel, and the experience of living in a real apartment is likely to be more interesting than a hotel stay.  

There are several short-term rental agencies that have English-language websites with information and registration forms including the following:

Another agency, City Mitwohnzentrale, has plenty of listings for you to browse, but no possibility of registering. To find the Munich listings in English, visit, switch to English by clicking on the British flag, and then choose "München" from the city drop-down list on the search form. Unfortunately, the universities in Munich are still in session until the last week of July, so summer sublets of student housing are unlikely to be available.

Since you are probably unfamiliar with Munich geography, an online map service that pinpoints hotel and apartment addresses on a map can be of great help. The Mr. Lodge website provides a very helpful guide to Munich neighborhoods at

Please note that details on housing are provided for students' information only; students are responsible for verifying all information before committing to any housing situation and for ensuring that any selected housing meets their particular needs.


Because summer is high season for travel to Europe, students are advised to make travel arrangements as far in advance as possible to secure reasonable rates. Websites that may offer discounted fares include Student Universe; Air Gorilla; Orbitz; Expedia; Travelocity; and Kayak.

All students traveling to Germany are required to hold a valid passport. If you are unsure whether you will need a visa in addition to a passport, please contact the German Consulate/Embassy in your home country well in advance of your intended travel date. Citizens of many countries do not need visas to enter Germany for a period of up to three months. Students are advised to review the U.S. State Department Consular Information sheet on Germany before traveling. 

GW requires that you register in the GW Passport Study Abroad database.  This registration includes the necessary documents for you to complete in order to maintain compliance with GW’s Travel Approval Policy.

Register at after you are accepted into the program.

Direct any questions about this to:  
Kelly Mannes, International Operations Administrator, GWU Global
[email protected]

Information for Individuals with Disabilities

Advice on traveling to Munich for individuals with disabilities is available 

The Munich Intellectual Property Law Center and the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law are generally wheelchair-accessible. Students who will require special classroom accommodations on account of a disability are advised to contact us at [email protected] as soon as possible.