News Stories

William E. Kovacic

Global Competition Norms: More Urgency, Greater Obstacles

May 11, 2017
Professor William Kovacic spoke about the United Sates and the development of global antitrust norms at the spring 2017 Katz lecture.
Religious Liberty

What's In President Trump's Religious Liberty Executive Order? Professor Galston Weighs In

May 05, 2017
Professor Miriam Galston says,"The text reveals that the executive order fails to do what Trump and others forecast."
Dawn Nunziato (moderator) and Panelists

Combating Digital Incivility, Cyber-Violence, and 'Fake News'

May 04, 2017
Experts gathered for a conference held by the Global Internet Freedom & Human Rights Project on current issues surrounding the use of the internet.

Charting a Course in Higher Education

May 03, 2017
Blake D. Morant, University of Virginia alum, shares advice on his path to leadership in the legal field.
Grace Speights

Five Questions With Diploma Ceremony Speaker and Alumna Grace Speights

May 01, 2017
In advance of her address, Ms. Speights, JD '82, answers a few questions about her career and upcoming speech.
U.S. Constitution

A Debate on War Powers

April 27, 2017
Professor Jonathan Turley and Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo met again for their third debate on war powers and constitutional analysis.
Sean Murphy

Professor Murphy Teaches in Ethiopia for the United Nations

April 26, 2017
Professor Sean D. Murphy speaks about his experience teaching the law of the sea to lawyers from across the African continent.

Free Speech and Sexual Harassment: When Should the Military Prosecute?

April 21, 2017
Retired military officials and legal experts spoke about the military's enforcement of rules and laws as they apply to free speech and sexual harassment.
Larry Shire

Being LeBron’s Lawyer

April 18, 2017
Alumnus Larry Shire, JD '82, says an attorney also has to provide general advice to clients like LeBron James, Robert DeNiro, and Madonna.
Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

April 17, 2017
In their new book, Homeward Bound: Modern Families, Elder Care and Loss, Amy Ziettlow and GW Law Professor Naomi Cahn present insights into how divorce, single-parenthood, and remarriage have changed the face of end-of-life care in the 21st Century.
Mona Sedky

Sextortion: A Discussion on the Social Harm Plaguing the Internet

April 14, 2017
The Cybersecurity Law Initiative and Professor Orin S. Kerr hosted Mona Sedky for a discussion. Ms. Sedky is one of the leading experts and trailblazers in the war against sextortion.
Grace Speights

Dean Announces Grace Speights as Diploma Ceremony Speaker

April 11, 2017
Grace E. Speights, JD '82, the national leader of Morgan Lewis' Labor and Employment Law Practice, will deliver the keynote address.
Mario Zuniga

Alum Appointed Commissioner of Peru's Antitrust Commission

April 06, 2017
Mario Zúñiga, LLM '15, will be responsible for all cases in Peru related to abuse of dominant position, collusion, and merger control.
Jon Rapping and Students

Jonathan Rapping Raises Awareness about the Role of the Public Defender

April 03, 2017
Jonathan Rapping, JD '95, spoke about the nation's criminal justice system and highlighted the role of the public defender.
Jean-Jacques Verdeaux

LLM Alumnus Makes His Next Career Move

March 28, 2017
After 15 years in the World Bank, Jean-Jacques Verdeaux, LLM '02, will join the European Investment Bank as a Procurement Advisor.